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On Saturday, January 28, 2017 7:41 AM, John McMillan wrote:

Dear District 49 State Representative Hinojosa of Austin,

I have not received any reply letter from you so far in your new position of leadership in which you are also my duly-elected state lawmaker in the Texas House in Austin. However, I definitely welcome any reply e-mail notes or reply letters or phone calls from you at any time during the current session of the Texas Legislature.

Best Wishes to you, Rep. Hinojosa, as you strive very diligently to prepare proposed new legislation for the Texas House of Representatives of the Texas Legislature.

As President and only current approved member of the quality-of-life-minded and public-safety-minded, non-proselytizing, factually-focused and implicitly-deistic, non-atheistic, Progressive Prohibitionist Religion, I am very hopeful that you will sponsor or author new legislation this session of the Texas Legislature that:

provides funding to the Texas Education Agency for preparation and distribution to each public high school in Texas of a new educational documentary-style film that is focused on providing factual information that helps high school students to avoid being victimized by an accident that injures them.

As I'm sure you are very aware based on your prior experience as a member of the Austin Independent School District Board of Trustees, the per-capita incidence of Texan high school students sustaining accidents, including motor-vehicle accidents and accidents while walking up or down the stairways of public high schools, is alarmingly high. And many of those accidents cause medical injuries requiring treatment in an emergency medical-care facility such as a hospital.

As you are no doubt very know, accidents are currently one of the leading causes of death for high school students in Texas. Prevention of accidents by high school students throughout our state can truly be a life-saver for many younger Texans and their families.

My Progressive Prohibitionist Religion believes that every public high school in Texas should be required to present an Accident-Prevention-theme documentary film or educational film to all students of that high school.

The film could be accompanied by a pop quiz and discussion period in which counselors, physical-education teachers, other teachers, and administrators from each public high school invite questions and offer factual answers. The intent of the discussion period would be to remind students that all of the counselors, teachers, and administrators of their campus are acting as a team that diligently strives to help protect the safety of those students.

This factual film and discussion time immediately afterward in the same high school auditorium will not only help to save lives throughout our state, but will also remind high school students to take their own lives and their own medical health very, very seriously.

The proposed TEA-sponsored film could emphatically warn high school students that if they pursue any illegal or high-risk activity such as consuming drinking-alcohol as minors or consuming illicit drugs or pursuing an involvement with an illicit youth gang or skate-boarding in a roadway with motor-vehicle traffic, their risk of having an accident that injures themselves or others is significantly increased.

I hope to hear from you soon on whether you agree with me on the need for a mandatory-attendance accident-prevention-theme educational film for any and all public high school students in Texas.

Sincerely and Best Wishes,

John Kevin McMillan, president of the one-member-only (myself) and non-Christian, quality-of-life-minded and public-safety-minded Progressive Prohibitionist Religion.
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