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Title:() Why can't I find 1 Honest new roommate? 

Tactful honesty and obedience of the law are among my strong points as a prospective roommate for one or more gentlemen or ladies or gentlemen and ladies.

Despite this, I have not found any honest, law-abiding prospective new roommate so far who is willing to apply to room with me in this luxurious two-bedroom, two-bathroom, fully-carpeted, 1,000-square-foot apartment unit with a beautiful view of a forested area below, situated near the Arboretum in northwest Austin.

Monthly rent, depending on how many roommates I find, will be $318 (if four total roommates, myself among them); $425 (if three total roommates, including myself); or $637 (if two total roommates, including myself).

Advantages to myself as your new roommate:

---I am dependably civil and law-abiding, and I do not have any criminal-conviction record.

---The adjectives that people most frequently use to describe me are: "honest", "very honest", "polite", "too polite", "very polite", "conscientious", "nice", "thoughtful", "friendly", and "gentle".

---One of my nicknames in high school was: "Mr. Goody Two Shoes".

---I strive to make sure the apartment is fully locked and secured at all times.

---I NEVER enter my one total current roommate's bedroom or his bathroom, and I NEVER open or look into any of my current roommate's closets in our rental apartment unit.

---I work six days per week in family-friendly and wholesome chain restaurants, so my roommate or roommates will have the apartment to themselves much of the time.

---I am factually-minded and factually accurate: I am a former full-time newspaper reporter in this and other states.

---I am very conscientious and kind and considerate. 

---I myself lead a permanently alcohol-free, tobacco-free, marijuana-free, and illicit-drug-free lifestyle at all times. That enhances my credibility to you as your roommate.

---I am religiously independent and implicitly-deistic, and I do NOT proselytize. I revere your own Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech legal rights, provided that you are not a devil-worshipper or Satanic cult member and provided that your own conduct is law-abiding and does not seek to injure or harm anyone, and provided that you do not subject me to any anonymous communications that violate my own privacy rights.

---I am semi-fluent in Spanish, having studied the Spanish language throughout my youth (with the exception of one year of elementary school for me in Berkeley, California). Other languages I've studied include French (for a few years in college), German, and Swedish.

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