Monday, December 19, 2016


(1) Will President Trump follow possibly share confidential information with his "friends" in the Russian Government that are compromising to the national security of the United States?

(2) Will President Trump create an "Enemies List" of perceived political opponents of his that he frequently consults in ordering his Administration to pursue punitive actions against those cited "Enemies of Donald Trump"---punitive actions that might be flagrantly illegal in nature and in flagrant violation of the U.S. Constitution.

(3) Will President Trump's lack of emphasis on global environmental protection trigger long-term alienation toward the United States from environmentally-conscientious nations such as Canada and Sweden and Great Britain and Germany?

(4) Will President Trump establish a secretive "payroll" not funded by the U.S. Government in which he privately pays cited employees of his or associates of his to pursue duties that conflict with federal law or federal policies in any way?

(5) Will President Trump establish a "private e-mail services" account of his own for government-related communications that proves to be as extensive or more extensive than the one that Hillary Clinton allegedly pursued as U.S. Secretary of State?

(6) Will President Trump fail to pay attention to boosting the overall quality and true vitality of the American economy (the kind of attentiveness that could have occurred through proposed realignment of the entire American economy in a manner that phases out the tattoo-parlor industry; the so-called "legal" and the illicit marijuana industry; the tobacco industry; the hard-liquor industry; the professional race-car driving industry; the boxing industry; and the gambling industry)?

(7) Will President Trump fail to help make it as easy as possible and as affordable as possible for Americans with an addiction to illicit-drugs or an addiction to hard liquor to each voluntarily obtain treatment for those addictions?

(8) Will President Trump fail to make an attempt to expand the scope of the resort-inn concept in a manner that offers new types of resort inns throughout this nation that cater to a low-income and low-middle-income clientele?

(9) Will President Trump exhibit a lack of full respect and appreciation toward Americans who are NOT themselves business-minded or financially-motivated, but who nonetheless make valuable contributions to American society?

(10) Will President Trump fail to invite criticism of policies of his that prove to be ill-advised, and will he also fail to follow the example of President Franklin Roosevelt who reportedly was very diligent about re-evaluating and revising or dropping some of the innovative new federal programs he had initiated and innovative new federal policies he had established that were not, in those particular cases, successful according to what President Roosevelt himself determined in the 1930s?

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