Thursday, December 1, 2016


(1) Recommend that you consider purchasing a pair of "Powerstep"-brand orthotic-support shoe insoles and wear them on a year-round basis.

These admirably durable shoe insoles were reportedly designed by a podiatrist and have been officially accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

These insoles offer strong arch support and heel cradle. The firm arch support comes from a semi-rigid polypropylene foot support.

I would urge you to consider sending an e-mail letter to the maker of Powerstep insoles at that company's e-mail address of: "", if you have any questions you would like to pose to that first-rate shoe- insole manufacturer.

The website for Powerstep, as I'm sure I might mention to you in telling you about that healthful product, is: "".

The company that manufactures these amazingly helpful and comfortable insoles is "Stable Step LLC" in West Chester, Ohio.

(2) Make a point of asking you your birthday, so I could then immediately add that factual information to the "birthdays" or "B" section of my alphabetically-organized address book. This would make it easier for me to send you a thoughtful birthday-theme greeting card just before your birthday each year. 

I would also invite you to join me for a cultural outing on your birthday, such as a trip we could take together to a museum or art gallery or library you had never visited before, or to a thought-provoking public lecture or public symposium that you might enjoy.

(3) Tell you why I recently joined the New York City-based Consumers Union non-profit group, and why I recommend that organization and its authoritative monthly "Consumer Reports" magazine. I would emphasize to you that I felt hopeful that by joining a consumer-protection-minded noble organization such as Consumers Union, this will save me lots of money while protecting my own personal safety and medical health through that involvement for me.

(4) Do some research to find out which cities or towns of the United States bear the same name as your first or last or middle name or nickname. I might then write to that city's tourism bureau and request a copy of that city's tourism brochure that I could give to you as a nice mini-present.

If your first name is "Elizabeth", for instance, you might be thrilled to read the entire tourism brochure on what I can only assume is a scenic and culturally rich (but I don't know this for a fact) city in New Jersey that bears your own name.

(5) Make a point of telling you which brands of mustard or mayonnaise appeal to me the most these days, from the standpoint of flavor and spiciness. I currently am especially enjoying Inglehoffer-brand "Sweet Hot Pepper Mustard" from Beaverton Foods, Inc., of Hillsboro, Oregon. I don't claim to know in which region of Oregon Hillsboro is located; but this certainly gives me incentive to search for Hillsboro on a map of Oregon.

I also am delighted by the Kraft-brand "Hot and Spicy" flavored mayonnaise I recently discovered inside my local supermarket. This Hot and Spicy mayonnaise contains cayenne pepper puree among its ingredients. Kraft Foods Group is headquartered at Northfield, Illinois (and I can only guess that this city is located somewhere near Chicago, but I am not sure).

(6) Invite you to be my doubles partner in a mixed-doubles or doubles tennis match with two other friendly tennis players in our county or metro area. I would always savor the experience of having played doubles tennis with you as my partner, since I feel very sure that it would always rank among my all-time favorite special experiences with you. I might even pay to have our entire doubles-match videotaped, so I could then add that special "doubles-tennis-together-with-a-close-friend-of-mine, yourself" videotape to my permanent sentimental-videotapes collection inside my home.

(7) Provide you with the name and phone number of a reputable and bonded personal-organizer whom I recommend. I would emphasize to you that from what I have heard, if you ever need a personal organizer to visit you inside your home, you should insist that he or she be "bonded" --- which protects your own safety and health and also protects your property.

A first-rate bonded personal organizer can help you to save lots of time every week, while giving you a lot more opportunities for pursuing creatively-enjoyable projects for you. The personal organizer can also help you to develop a more effective information-storage system inside your home that makes it a lot easier for you to quickly retrieve items you need in a matter of seconds.

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