Sunday, December 4, 2016


(1) The level of recycling of recyclable trash items in the United States is far less than it should be.

(2) Law-enforcement agencies in the United States are far less alert and far less effective than they should be at very promptly identifying flagrant cases of continuous-and-continuing personal-injury-crimes-and-sexual-assault-crimes cases allegedly occurring in this nation.

(3) Alleged possible infiltration of a significant percentage of all law-enforcement agencies in the United States by organized-crime groups is not adequately investigated or prosecuted or prevented at present.

(4) Federal law currently discourages and apparently prohibits employers from requiring random HIV-virus testing on any and all employees or work supervisors at their workplace---random HIV-virus testing that could help to reduce the HIV-infection rate throughout this nation, particularly since dating among employees from the same workplace currently plays a role in the HIV virus being spread.

(5) There apparently is no computerized "MAFIA DATABASE" that any and all law-enforcement agencies in the United States can consult on a year-round basis, and that immediately identifies each person or foreign visitor to the United States who is suspected of having ties to a Mafia group or other organized crime group.

(6) The percentage of American employers that require random-drug-testing on all applicants for positions of employment at their workplace or on all current employees or work supervisors at that workplace, remains appallingly low.

(7) The absence of a truly effective and very affordable nationwide treatment program for Americans who are addicted to licit or illicit drugs, or who are addicted to drinking alcohol, or who are addicted to tobacco products, pervasively undermines the moral fiber and medical health and level of civility of American society.

(8) The possible absence of a data base available to all law-enforcement agencies that exclusively contains profiles on Americans and foreign visitors to the United States who have allegedly committed a sex crime in more than one U.S. state, may be undermining criminal-investigations in many states of the U.S. at present.

(9) The widespread acceptance by millions of Americans of a quasi-criminal dress code and quasi-criminal style of obscene and vulgar speech and a heavily-tattooed body, significantly undermines attempts to reduce the violent crime rate in this nation.

(10) The apparent absence of a Congressionally approved 10-year plan and Congressionally-approved 20-year plan for American society may be harming our nation's ability to address its long-term needs in a logical and prompt manner.

(11) The archaic continuation of the traditional English system of measurements in the United States, and the refusal of American society to convert fully to the metric system as soon as possible, significantly harms this nation in numerous ways, including through wastage of fossil fuels resulting from reliance of an imprecise measuring system, the continuation of a major barrier to communications and trade with the many nations that have converted to the metric system, etc.

(12) The continued lack of a consensus by the U.S. Congress in support of urgent measures to help address the Global Warming Effect and other environmental-disaster scenarios, plays a role in continued ruination of the global environment and accompanying environmental crises.

(13) The absence of genuine interest in government by millions of Americans, significantly undermines the quality of life of all Americans. All too many Americans believe that participation in politics and government is a bit like casting a very superficial "I Like" vote on Facebook---except that they cast that "I like" vote in a polling booth, in the case of Presidential elections; and they are often very lacking in knowledge about any political race other than the Presidential one, if that much.

(14) American society continues to be harmed significantly by the continuing absence of an Amendment to the United States Constitution that declares, "No municipality or county or regional government or state of the United States shall be denied the legal right to impose a prohibition on the sale of drinking alcohol or any and all tobacco products or medical marijuana or marijuana anywhere and everywhere inside the territory of that municipality or county or multi-county region or state of the United States."

(15) American society's reputation in the entire world is significantly harmed by flagrant human rights cases that involve continuous-personal-injury-crimes being inflicted on law-abiding political and religious dissidents in the United States (myself among those honorable dissidents), with full permission and involvement in those felony crimes by local and state governments that do nothing to stop those flagrant and very injurious human rights violations and personal injury crimes, and that in an outrageous manner fail to acknowledge the very honorable stature of the law-abiding political and religious dissidents being victimized by those crimes, with many or some of those political and religious dissidents being labeled wrongfully as "terrorists" by state and local governments that are themselves sponsoring terroristic violence victimizing those very honorable and peace-loving dissidents.

(16) Over-consumption of fossil fuels by American society robs future generations of Americans and citizens of other nations of access to those fossil fuels for energy sources.

(17) The failure of the United States Government to approve a federal policy opposing the use of castration of male persons as a means of punishing convicted rapists, and also opposing sex-change operations, undermines American society's striving for a more humane and non-sadistic reputation on this planet, it being the case that sex-change operations involving removal of a male sex organ from a male person's body are inherently sadistic and medically injurious.

(18) The failure of the United States Congress to insist on full investigation and criminal-law prosecution of any and all alleged or suspected cases of thought-control projects occurring anywhere in the United States, such as in Austin, Texas, undermines the claims by federal officials that the United States is a "freedom-loving" nation that reveres "freedom of speech" and "freedom of thought"  and "freedom of religion" for any and all Americans, including myself.

(19) The failure of the U.S. Congress to approve a new Constitutional Amendment declaring that Freedom of Religion does not apply to religious groups in the United States that sponsor or advocate attempted homicides or homicides or sexual assaults or kidnappings or hostage-takings anywhere in this nation, undermines the credibility of the American legal system at present.

(20) American society is also undermined by the failure of the U.S. Congress to adequately investigate and insist on approve new federal laws or strengthen existing federal laws that prohibit the use of continuous noise pollution anywhere in the United States that is being used as a means of punishing or physically abusing or torturing or harming the medical health of political or religious dissidents such as myself.

(21) American society is also undermined by the apparent failure of the U.S. Congress to approve a significant increase in federal funding for pre-school education programs open to any and all youths, pre-school education programs having been determined to play a major role in enhancement of the intellectual and moral development of young children in the United States.

(22) An outrageously high federal budgetary deficit makes a mockery of those who claim that the American economy is "strong", and gives the impression to people all over the world that the United States Government is flagrantly irresponsible in its spending practices and taxation practices.

(23) American society is also undermined by the failure of the United States Government and the American people to approve a new Constitutional Amendment that authorizes court-ordered capital punishment of persons convicted of EITHER attempted homicide or homicide in the United States.

(24) American society's credibility is severely undermined by the absence of a U.S. Constitutional Amendment that prohibits the infliction by any governmental entity operating in the United States of fraudulent or knowingly false "information services" on any American citizen.

(25) American society's self-identified "humane" and "kind" reputation is severely undermined by the failure of the U.S. Congress to approve a new federal law that requires the National Football League to reduce by 50 percent or more the injury rate in American professional football games.

(26) The failure of the U.S. Congress to approve an American Lifelong-Sports Promotion Act that officially endorses medically safe lifelong sports pursuits for all Americans, and that provides federal funding for promotion and expansion of lifelong sports throughout the U.S., undermines our nation's ability to promote optimal medical health and creatively vital lives for all Americans.

(27) American society is also severely undermined by the apparent failure of the U.S. Congress to approve legislation (even if this involves a new Constitutional Amendment) that would establish minimal acceptable levels of financial compensation for which each and every U.S. state would be required to meet or exceed in paying their own state lawmakers.

(28) The United States Congress has apparently failed to establish federal policies that adequately promote lasting and strictly-mutual-consent platonic (non-sexual) personal relationships for all Americans, recent studies in nations such as Sweden having determined that it is good for the medical health and medical longevity of individuals if they have some or several lasting and mutually-beneficial and mutually-agreed-upon and mutually-constructive platonic personal relationships with others, and, furthermore, that strictly-platonic personal relationships may have more favorable overall impact on human medical health and longevity than do romantic or sexual relationships, the Swedish study also found.
At the very least, Congress should establish a new federal holiday called "American Friendships Day" in which Americans of all ages are urged to celebrate that day by treating a mutual-consent personal friend of theirs to a shared cultural-outing or meal and friendly conversation or a friendly gift.

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