Monday, December 12, 2016


(1) To help facilitate conversion to the metric system throughout the entire United States as soon as possible, the new U.S. President (and Donald Trump is reportedly that individual) could appoint a "Metric Meister" who frequently appears on television interview shows and other public events to promote the advantages of the metric system over the current traditional English system of measurements in this country. The proposed "Metric Meister" would be someone with good presence on television who excels at persuasive speaking and educational presentations.

(2) The 45th President of the United States could appoint a federal commission to evaluate various ways in which regional governments throughout the United States could be made stronger and more effective, such as in promotion of long-term planning and multi-county mass-transportation systems for each city or town in that region.

(3) The President could ask Congress to approve a proposed new Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that prohibits sexual prostitution and sexual trafficking anywhere and everywhere in the United States. One intent behind this proposed new Amendment would be to lawfully and irrevocably nullify current policies or laws by the State Government of Nevada or county governments in Nevada that authorize and permit and thereby provide a form of government "sponsorship" of paid sexual prostitution in specified counties of that U.S. state that borders the predominantly Mormon and admirably anti-prostitution state of Utah.

(4) The President could ask Congress to approve the establishment and construction of one or more new Smithsonian Institution museums in cities or towns other than Washington, D.C. The intent behind this would be to make Smithsonian Institution museums' cultural excellence available to Americans who live at least 1,000 miles away from Washington, D.C.

(5) The new U.S. President could consider helping to establish a new research institute that is focused on identifying ways in which creative public-policy-related brainstorming by as many Americans as possible could be promoted and fostered and rewarded more than at present.

(6) The President of the United States could insist on a new federal study to determine the extent of personal injury risk to American workers of today and their coworkers or supervisors--or members of the general public---from the habitual practice by many Americans of their listening to music on headsets they themselves own while being "on the job" and "clocked in" at their workplace. It seems likely that many injurious accidents occur each year at American workplaces that result from employees wearing headsets featuring music that deafens them to the needs of their coworkers and work supervisors and customers. It is also likely that the headset-wearing, music-crazed employees who thereby "tune out" oral comments or requests to them from coworkers, work supevisors, and customers of theirs, play a role in significantly reduced productivity at their workplace.

(7) The new U.S. President could announce publicly that there is an urgent need for a new federal study that estimates the percentage of all gainfully employed Americans of today who at least once per year or at least once per month or at least once per week, by category, report to work at their workplace while under the influence of marijuana, cocaine, or some other illicit drug. The shocking results from that study could play a major role in boosting the anti-illicit-drugs campaign throughout this entire nation.

(8) The next President of the United States could propose the the United States Congress approve the construction of so-called "bullet trains" or "high-speed trains" connecting our nation's capital city of Washington, D.C., with the rest of this nation. The President could also insist that a nationwide network of high-speed trains be provided throughout this entire country. Diversification and strengthening of mass-transportation systems throughout the U.S. protects the national security of the entire country while greatly enhancing the quality of life and affordable-transportation options for Americans. A very strong mass-transportation systems network throughout the entire nation also helps to conserve fossil fuels---which should be a very high priority in the one nation on this entire planet (USA) that has consumed more fossil fuels than any other country in the most recent 50-year period.

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