Monday, December 19, 2016


Despite numerous announcements I have posted on Craigslist this month, I still to this day have not found anyone age 18 or older, male or female, whom I would agree to live with and who is willing to apply to room with me in this very attractive 1,000-square-foot, 2-2 apartment near the Arboretum, beginning January 1, 2017.

The rent is very inexpensive by Austin standards, and all of the rent payments would go directly to the very polite apartment complex management team here (NOT to myself).

I have been pursuing this roommate search for several weeks after my one total current official roommate in his mid-20s, "Brett Andrew Meyer" --- a self-identified "currently registered Austin Community College student" and an adult male person with a cited official residence in the city of Cedar Park in Williamson County, Texas, in 2015, according to the Texas commercial driver's license for himself he politely showed me in September 2015, who is himself originally from the Denver area of Colorado, he said---politely stated to me on December 1 that he plans to move out on December 31, 2016.

My leading barriers in my search for an honest and law-abiding new roommate seem to be:

--finding someone new who does NOT consume any marijuana or any other illicit drug.

--finding someone new who either completely abstains from drinking alcohol or is a light drinker, at most.

--finding someone new who is honest and law-abiding and polite.

--finding someone new who will be a strictly-platonic (ZERO physical contact with me ON A 24-HOUR-A-DAY-AND-YEAR-ROUND BASIS) new roommate for me.

--finding someone new who will not knowingly permit any unauthorized person to enter this apartment unit at any time after midnight.

---finding someone new who will never enter my own bedroom at any time or under any circumstances.

--finding someone new who supports honorable law-enforcement, and who will be willing to help keep this apartment fully secured at all times.

--finding someone new who is currently employed in the Austin area, and who actually receives paychecks from his or her employer.

--finding someone new who is a NON-SMOKER and who, like me, DESPISES ANY AND ALL TOBACCO PRODUCTS and would love to see the American tobacco industry phased out as soon as possible with help from a proposed new Constitutional Amendment banning the sale of tobacco products anywhere in this country and also from generously-funded economic diversification projects in each of the current tobacco-producing states of the U.S., with North Carolina and Virginia apparently being the two leading states for tobacco production at present.

Any suggestions that anyone is willing to offer me on roommate-search services you recommend that will help me to find one or two or three honorable new roommates as soon as possible, would be greatly appreciated.

You can contact me at my e-mail address, . (Please note that my last name, a Scottish name, has only one "i" in it.)

Otherwise, you may contact me at my private landline home-service phone number of: (512) 342-2295. Please leave a voice-mail message for me if I am not available to take your phone call.

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