Sunday, December 19, 2010

Need for Turkey-Meat Education Programs Among Hispanic Americans

The heart-disease rate among Hispanic Americans could be significantly lowered if the United States Department of Agriculture would co-sponsor educational workshops throughout the U.S. that offer Mexican-style culinary dishes that each feature the turkey as an ingredient.

At present, the heart-disease rate and heart attack rate among Hispanic Americans is alarmingly high, and much higher than among Anglo Americans.

Through the proposed workshops aimed at educating Hispanic Americans, the U.S. Government could help promote increased consumption of turkey by the millions of Hispanic Americans who currently do not eat turkey on a year-round basis.

Among the Mexican-style turkey dishes that could become very popular among Hispanic Americans and all other Americans, too, are:

---Turkey Enchiladas;

---Jalapeno Turkey Soup;

---Spicy Turkey Casserole;

---Jalapeno-Flavored Turkey Meatloaf.

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