Friday, December 17, 2010

Alienated Canadians May Pose Future Terrorist Threat to U.S.

One of the emerging sources of terrorism against American society may well originate from our neighbor to the north---Canada.

I am referring to the many millions of Canadian citizens of today who are extensively alienated by the U.S. Government's and American society's failure to achieve urgently-needed significant progress at protecting the environment.

That understandable Canadian alienation from the U.S.A. was aggravated by the recent outrageous failure of the U.S. Congress to approve the terms of an international treaty. I am referring to the treaty in which the United States would have officially pledged to join other nations in very specific terms in helping protect the ozone layer in the atmosphere and halt the Global Warming Effect.

It seems very likely that militant Canadian "environmentalist" groups will pose an increasing threat to the personal security of American citizens, and to American society, in coming years.

If those Canadian "Environmental Defense" groups resort to violence and bloodshed in their response to what they perceive to be American society's mega-crimes against our global environment, the resulting terrorism threat to American society may even exceed the threat currently posed by Arab terrorist groups.

One implication from all of this is that our U.S. Congress needs to review its record on environmental protection. And the Obama Administration needs to propose a nationwide mandatory-participation recycling program involving government contracts with private sector companies as much as possible. Under that proposed nationwide recycling program that will also help to revive our American economy, all persons residing in the United States, and all employers throughout the United States, will be required by law to participate in that program on a year-round basis.

American society can and must protect our national security by promptly addressing very legitimate concerns from democratic nations that are much more conscientious than the U.S. has been at protecting the environment and conserving natural resources.

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