Monday, December 6, 2010

Automatic Replacement Elections Needed for any City of Austin Elective Official Testing Positive in a Random Illicit-Drug Test

I welcome the day when the City Government of Austin finally does strengthen its role in the global anti-drug and anti-terrorism campaign.

The City of Austin in Austin, Texas, can achieve that goal by requiring the immediate resignation or immediate dismissal from elective office of any elective official of the City Government of Austin who at any time during his tenure with the City ever at any time tests positive for marijuana or some other illicit drug in a randomly applied drug test. That random drug test could and should be sponsored and financed by the City Government of Austin.

The day or days of the month when that City-sponsored random drug test would be administered to respective elective officials of the City Government of Austin in Austin, Texas, would be selected at random and in full secrecy on the first day of each and every month. Also, the legal names of the elective official who would be required to undergo a drug test on any given day would be secretly chosen at random. Each elective official of the City of Austin would be expected to fully comply with the drug-testing requirement within five hours after that official was informed by the City of Austin that he had been chosen to undergo a blood test and urine test that same day.

Each resulting removal from elective office of a city official who failed his drug test would automatically trigger a special citywide election in Austin which local voters would choose a law-abiding citizen of integrity to succeed the City of Austin elective official who had failed a random drug test.

On behalf of this enlightened new policy, the City Government of Austin could impose an automatic legal requirement that each and every elective official of the City Government of Austin in Austin, Texas, must himself or herself be subjected to City of Austin-sponsored random drug-testing at least twice per year.

Each such mandatory blood test would be designed to identify the presence of any marijuana or any other illicit drug in the bloodstream or urine of that municipal government elective official in Austin, Texas.

If the City Government of Austin insists on the immediate resignation or automatic dismissal from elective office of any municipal elective official in this capital city of Texas who fails a random drug test at any time during his tenure, this would convey a very healthy ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY toward any and all illicit-drug activities in Austin, Texas.

When our City Government of Austin promulgates the life-saving and very moral message of Zero Tolerance toward illicit drugs in our city, this will also help to restore credibility to our entire capital city. Our City of Austin, let us not forget, has for many years been sarcastically branded by observers as the "Drug Den of the Southwest," "Pot Capital of the Southwest," "Willie Nelson Pot Party Headquarters," "Marijuana Madness Capital of the Southwest," "Marijuana-Mellow Austin," "The Soft-on-Drugs Capital of the Southwest," "The Southwestern City with More Crack-Cocaine Addicts than Cracks in its Public Sidewalks," and the like.

The very powerful moral statement made to the general public from random drug testing of all elective city officials would be clear: The City Government of Austin in Austin, Texas, will NOT TOLERATE any involvement in illicit-drug activities by ANY current elective official of the City of Austin. Also, the City Government of Austin in Austin, Texas, insists on promulgating this very crucial message to all residents of Austin, all other Texans, all the people of all of the states that border Texas, including the foreign nation of Mexico, all residents of the United States of America, and to all people throughout the entire world.

In this way, the City Government of Austin can also take an urgently-needed powerful stand against terroristic violence throughout the world, including in the United States, Mexico, and the Middle East.

It is a well known fact that any Austin residents---including any and all elective officials of the City Government of Austin in Austin, Texas----who ever at any time consume any quantity of marijuana or any other illicit drug are compromising the national security of the United States. They are doing that because purchase of marijuana or any other illicit drug by any Austin resident is either directly or indirectly financing terroristic violence in Mexico, the Middle East, the United States, and elsewhere. That terroristic violence undermines the national security of our country and the personal safety of all American citizens.

LET THERE BE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT: The purchase or consumption of any illicit drug in Austin, Texas, at any time in the 21st Century is TANTAMOUNT TO AN ACT OF TREASON BY THAT AUSTIN RESIDENT.

This urgently needed change to governance in our Capital City along the Colorado River will also help to significantly reduce the amount of corruption in municipal government here in Austin, Texas.

At present, any Austin City Council member who might ever at any time establish an illicit client-provider relationship with an illicit drug dealer----regardless of whether that City Council member claims to be "only purchasing these innocent marijuana brownies from that very nice constituent of mine," as that City Council member might put it in his private diaries----is severely morally compromised as a government leader.

When he is asked to vote on drug-deterrence proposals for our city at Austin City Council meetings, that hypothetical Austin City Council member cannot possibly cast a fair and impartial vote. He could, it's true, abstain from voting on that urgently-needed anti-drug proposal. He could cite a conflict of interest as his reason for abstaining. However, that very abstention on such a crucial vote by Austin City Council would comprise a very sobering commentary about --- and very damning expose of --- the rampant immorality undermining our City Government of Austin.

This is, after all, a municipal government in Austin, Texas, that claims to be "progressive" at all times.

Inevitably at some date in our foreseeable future, a law-abiding observer of our City Government of Austin may find himself asking: "Is that Austin City Council member 'progressive' because he's PROGRESSING into more and more outrageous illicit drug activities? Is this what they mean by their self-description as 'progressive'? If that's the case, I don't want to have any involvement in any sponsorship of these very deplorable illicit drug trips for any municipal elective official here in Austin!"

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