Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Response to Party-Goers of Austin, Texas, Who Profess to be "Cool" and "Very Tolerant" about Presence of Illicit Drugs at Social Parties They Attend

To the many thousands of Austin residents who say that it does not bother them at all to attend a social party in Austin, Texas, this Holiday Season in which marijuana or some other illicit drug is being distributed or sold or consumed by one or more persons at that party site, I offer the following responses:

(1) Regardless of whether you yourself claim to have not consumed or purchased or possessed any illicit drug at that social party, you are legally liable for failing to report the criminal-law evidence you directly observed to the Austin Police Department. Your direct in-person witnessing of that illicit-drug crime without yourself contacting the appropriate law-enforcement agency about that very deplorable incident comprises a possible crime in itself on your part. It is also a possible crime allegedly committed by yourself for which you could be legally charged in a court of law in Austin, Texas.

(2) Even if you yourself refrain from smoking any of the marijuana being consumed by others at that social party, you are a "passive smoker" of marijuana, and some quantity of marijuana does enter your own lungs and your own bloodstream. This makes you an indirect consumer of marijuana, through your mere presence at that party over a multi-hour period. A blood test conducted on yourself by the Austin Police Department or some other law-enforcement agency might well determine that from a technical standpoint, you also "consumed" marijuana at that social party---even if you had politely declined to smoke or ingest any of that marijuana yourself.

(3) If a police raid of the party you are attending does in fact occur, your excuse that "I didn't consume any illicit drugs at this party" would not offer you immunity from apprehension or prosecution by the Austin Police Department. During a police drug raid at the party, you are at risk of yourself being arrested by the Austin Police Department along with each of the party participants who WERE, in fact, directly and knowingly consuming marijuana or some other illicit drug at that Holiday-Season party.

(4) Wouldn't you feel much more comfortable about attending a social party in Austin in which the party host very directly and helpfully assures you in advance that no consumption of any illicit drug by anyone attending that party would be permitted by that party host at any time during the event?

Also, wouldn't you prefer to attend a social party in Austin at which you have been assured in advance by the party host that "every person cited on my party list for this social event in Austin, Texas, has already directly assured me on the telephone that he is a permanent year-round abstainer from any and all forms of marijuana, marijuana brownies, and any other illicit drugs. I've also informed all invited guests in advance that only the INVITED guests will be permitted by me to attend this social party. No one will be permitted to 'crash' this social party."

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