Sunday, December 19, 2010

Huge Boost in Turkey Sales In Other Nations Could Help Reduce U.S. Trade Deficit

One of my hopes for American society is that our federal government would promote turkey-education programs in as many foreign nations as possible where turkey meat is only rarely eaten, if at all, by the people of that nation.

If the citizens of Greece, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, Chile, and Argentina, for instance, could each be given the opportunity to sample cooked turkey, global demand for turkey meat would skyrocket.

Turkey---the bird that Benjamin Franklin wisely nominated to be America's national bird, even though the bald eagle was instead chosen for that distinction---could be one of America's most healthful exports all over the world.

Turkey meat is lower in saturated fat and calories than chicken meat. Turkey meat is also higher in protein than chicken is.

The more persons around the world who eat turkey meat instead of beef or pork, the lower the heart-disease rate will be throughout the entire world. This would also mean that the number of people suffering heart attacks each year will decline dramatically throughout the entire world, thanks in part to increased American exportation of frozen turkey meat around the world.

Growing demand for turkey meat all over the world would also boost the American economy by triggering a massive increase in the number and size of turkey farms throughout the United States.

At present, most Americans are not aware of which states account for the highest farm production of turkey meat. The top 10 turkey-producing states in the recent year 2008 reportedly were Minnesota; North Carolina; Arkansas; Virginia; Missouri; Indiana; California; Pennsylvania; South Carolina; and Iowa.

This factual information, which I obtained today from the very helpful website, raises the immediate question of why the Texas Legislature has so far apparently chosen not to approve funding for increased financial incentives on behalf of new turkey farms being established throughout Texas, along with expansion of existing turkey farms in Texas.

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