Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to Determine Whether Your Local Police Chief is Corrupt

This is a foolproof strategy for determining whether the municipal police chief in the city where you reside is himself guilty of being a corrupt government official.

As a law-abiding and admirably vigilant American citizen, you need only ask one question about your police chief: "In the multi-month or multi-year time period since my current municipal police chief first assumed office, has there been a significant increase in my city in the average monthly number of persons getting arrested and charged with the manufacture or sale or possession or consumption of marijuana or other illicit drugs?"

If the factual answer to your question is no, it's very likely that your current police chief is allegedly dishonest, allegedly untrustworthy, and allegedly corrupt as well.

Based on that tentative critical outlook toward your local police chief, you could then contact a government agency that investigates alleged cases of corruption by local government officials.

Here in the U.S. state of Texas, for instance, the Texas Rangers Division of the Texas Department of Public State (DPS) agency in Austin, Texas, is the appropriate government agency to contact. The Texas Rangers Division of the DPS holds legal authority for investigating alleged cases of political corruption by local or state government officials in Texas--including by municipal police chiefs.

Here in Austin, Texas, it will be fascinating to learn just how many residents of Austin, Texas, or observers of Austin, Texas, in calendar year 2010 have chosen to contact the Texas Rangers Division of the Texas DPS state agency and urge a full investigation by the Texas Rangers into the level of compliance with the law and overall level of integrity of the current municipal police chief in Austin, Texas.

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