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On Friday, May 19, 2017 7:53 AM, John McMillan wrote:

To: Precinct 3 Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty, Austin, Texas, with your office phone number of (512) 854-9333 and your office FAX number of (512) 854-9376.

May 19, 2017

Dear Travis County Republican Party-affiliated elective official and Precinct 3 Travis County Commissioner Daugherty,

As you may recall from previous e-mail letters of mine I have shared with you, I myself am a law-abiding and honest and vigilant and law-enforcement-minded, gainfully employed, tax-paying, permanently alcohol-free and anti-marijuana-minded, lifelong-tobacco-free, single-by-choice, longtime-celibate-by-choice, psychologically very healthy, adult Scottish-English-German-ancestry white male resident of City of Austin District 10.

I am also a resident of the Travis County Commissioners Court precinct that you yourself directly represent and serve.

I might add that I am the sole founder and only approved member of a new and non-Christian and non-proselytizing religion, the "Honor Society" Progressive Prohibitionist Religion with very stringent membership-eligibility requirements, that is fully independent and not affiliated with any other religious group or denomination or civic group anywhere in the world.

My own duly-elected City of Austin District 10 City Council Member, the Harvard University-trained public-policy expert and Democratic Party activist Dr. Alison Alter, has reportedly prohibited me ever since the morning of March 9, 2017, from ever again myself directly contacting either her or any of her own District 10 City Hall staff members or her husband, Dr. Jeremi Suri, a professor employed in both UT-Austin's Department of History and UT-Austin's LBJ School of Public Affairs, in any context or about any issue or topic of any type.

As you know, the District system that the City of Austin has instituted in recent years is designed to give each and every resident of Austin--myself among those current Austin residents--the opportunity for direct representation on the Austin City Council and direct accountability from a duly elected City Council Member primarily serving that resident's own specific district.

I have been told by City of Austin officials I have consulted on the telephone in recent weeks that they are not aware of any other case in which any Austin City Council member under this new District system has ever at any time ever once prohibited a resident of the district that Council member directly serves from sending e-mail letters or letters or making phone calls to that Council member about cited public-policy-related concerns or other concerns of that constituent.

Do you agree with me, Commissioner Daugherty, that the policy of defacto alleged disenfranchisement of myself, John Kevin McMillan, that the City Government of Austin has reportedly imposed on me ever since March 9, 2017, in particular, may possibly violate my own civil rights and other legal rights in one or more ways?

If so, which legal action do you recommend that I pursue to appeal or lawfully and in a civil manner oppose that "taxation without representation" policy currently being imposed on me by the City Government of Austin?

My third question to you is this:
Commissioner Daugherty, are you yourself willing to directly contact Austin City Council Member Alison Alter on my behalf and directly obtain from her a written explanation that states in plain English what prompted Dr. Alter to impose a "no-phone calls, no-direct-written communications, no office visits" policy on myself ever since March 9, 2017?

Thank you in advance, Commissioner Daugherty, for your kind and helpful reply note to me about this very alarming legal liability issue and civil-rights issue currently facing the City Government of Austin in this capital city of Texas.

Sincerely and Best Wishes,

John Kevin McMillan, a resident of Austin proper on a continuous and uninterrupted basis ever since mid-March 1997.
My home address: Village Oaks Apartments (a NW Austin apartment complex reportedly owned and managed throughout by a for-profit corporation headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts), 10926 Jollyville Road, Building 9, Apartment 902, Austin, Texas, 78759.
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John Kevin McMillan: A 21st Century Conservative Left-Wing Agenda
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