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Which two local television stations in Austin, Texas, in recent years each asked John Kevin McMillan of Austin, Texas, to refrain from ever again directly contacting either of those two TV stations about his being a self-identified victim of alleged anal-rape-crimes and alleged personal-injury crimes allegedly being inflicted on himself during his sleep on a daily and year-round and multi-year basis as he lay alone on his own bed inside his locked private bedroom of his bolt-locked apartment unit in northwest Austin?

CORRECT ANSWER: FOX 7 News of the Fox Television Network and the ABC-affiliate KVUE Television News, respectively, the latter of which is reportedly owned by Gannett Broadcasting Corporation of Virginia. In addition, the KVUE television station of northwest Austin also specifically requested that Mr. McMillan refrain on a permanent basis from ever again directly contacting KVUE at any time or in any context.


Which highly-rated private attorney member of the State Bar of Texas state agency advised a client of his, John Kevin McMillan, in person during a late 1990s legal consultation meeting the two of them had inside the former's law firm office near the UT-Austin campus: "If the continuous anonymous communications you're describing to me are in fact occurring, that is all the proof I as an attorney need that SOMEONE IS TRYING TO KILL YOU, JOHN!"

CORRECT ANSWER: Attorney John F. Campbell, a very distinguished early 1960s alumnus of the University of Texas at Austin Law School.

In which chain restaurant did an Anglo male adult customer approach on-duty waitstaff member John Kevin McMillan and politely volunteer to him 2015: "You would make a fine character in a Hollywood movie, portraying what honorable ordinary-looking Americans are like in their everyday lives"?

CORRECT ANSWER: The IHOP 620 franchise-owned restaurant in far northwest Austin.

Which famous governor of Massachusetts in 1984 emerged from a helicopter that had just landed in or near Worcester, Massachusetts, and seconds later shook hands with John Kevin McMillan of the "Worcester County News" reporting staff?

CORRECT ANSWER: Democratic Governor Michael Dukakis.

Which patron saint of the Roman Catholic Church was the subject of an artwork that John Kevin McMillan posted above his desk in his private bedroom for many years of his youth in his biological parents' home in Westlake Hills, Texas?

CORRECT ANSWER: Suyapa, the Patron Saint of Honduras.

What were the exact words that the nationally famous novelist and Washington University in St. Louis professor Stanley Elkins used with a smile on his face in the spring of 1978 when he received a friendly visit in his faculty office from a former student of his, John Kevin McMillan, with Mr. McMillan asking Professor Elkins, "Do you remember me?"

CORRECT ANSWER: "Sure, I remember you. You're the wise ass!"

Which politely-stated and well-intended professional advice did "Patriot Ledger" daily newspaper full-time professional copy editor John Kevin McMillan in Quincy, Massachusetts, offer on the telephone in 1985 to Eric Schwarz, a recent alumnus of the University of Vermont who was employed beginning in late 1985 as a Braintree, Mass.-beat regional reporter for that daily newspaper:

CORRECT ANSWER: "Your writing style is very impressive and elegant like the New York Times. However, your local readers in this area south of Boston may find it difficult to follow your writing. I ('Patriot Ledger' copy editor John K. McMillan) recommend that you reduce the length of your sentences and try using the style of the Wall Street Journal instead. That should make your writing more accessible to the local residents in this readership area south of Boston."

Which editorial-page editor of the "Minnesota Daily" student newspaper on the campus of the University of Minnesota in 1984 or 1983 volunteered to John Kevin McMillan, a colleague of hers at the "Minnesota Daily", inside the newsroom of that student newspaper: "We're going to make you (John Kevin McMillan) a star!"

CORRECT ANSWER: Victoria Sloan.

Which prediction did reporter Jeremy Crockford of "The Patriot Ledger" daily newspaper staff in Quincy, Massachusetts, offer during his last-ever phone conversation with a former copy-editor coworker of his at "The Patriot Ledger",  John Kevin McMillan, during a long-distance phone call that McMillan made from Westlake Hills, Texas, to the "Patriot Ledger" newsroom in 1988?

"The voices will continue for a long, long, long time."

What apparently candid reply did former "Daily Texan" student newspaper reporter Margaret Watson of Dallas offer in a mid-1990s long-distance phone call that a former "Daily Texan" reporter colleague of hers, John Kevin McMillan, made from southeast Texas to her and her husband's home in Dallas, Texas, in which Mr. McMillan expressed concern to Margaret Watson that one or more persons were possibly or allegedly stalking him and allegedly harassing him at that time?

CORRECT ANSWER: "You (John Kevin McMillan) don't need to worry about anyone stalking you. None of the persons you have ever met at any time in your life want to keep up with you."

TRIVIA QUESTION: What was the reply in the form of a question of her own, with that question trailing out toward the end, that Carol See of Maryland offered during a long-distance phone call that her longtime personal friend John Kevin McMillan made from Austin, Texas, in 1997 to her and her pediatrician physician husband's home in Maryland, a phone call in which Mr. McMillan expressed concern about alleged manipulations of his own living conditions in Austin by one more persons who allegedly sought to medically injure and harass and otherwise harm himself?


TRIVIA QUESTION: Which helpful words of reassurance did former Austin High School schoolmate Sarah Goodfriend offer to John Kevin McMillan during a 1990 or 1991 long-distance phone call he made to her home in Washington, D.C., from his rental apartment unit in Sweetwater, Texas:

CORRECT ANSWER: "ALL OF YOUR OWN FRIENDS can be heterosexual! Just continue living the way you are going, and you'll see that will definitely happen for you!"

TRIVIA QUESTION: When other Texans met John Kevin McMillan during his adulthood for the first time ever, which U.S. states or regions of the U.S. foreign nations did they most often volunteer to him as being the U.S. state or foreign nation where he appeared to be originally from?

CORRECT ANSWER: New York State; England; Australia; Massachusetts; Maine; New England; Minnesota; and the Midwestern region of the United States.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Which columnist for the Austin "American-Statesman" daily newspaper in Austin, Texas, wrote a column published in that newspaper on September 25, 1998, which nominated John Kevin McMillan of Austin for President of the United States, since "John K. McMillan, 41, (is) the only person I know of who might be able to stand up to the intense personal scrutiny elected officials have to put up with today",  and "(John K.) McMillan just isn't the kind of guy who would make this nation look foolish by creating a scene," and "It's hard to imagine (John K.) McMillan involved in a scandal, because to create one usually takes at least two people," as that "Austin American-Statesman" columnist noted?

CORRECT ANSWER: John Kelso, who is himself reportedly a former resident of the Boston area of Massachusetts.

Which highly-regarded American newspaper reporter volunteered the following near-exact comment to John Kevin McMillan of Texas during an early 1990s long-distance phone call that Mr. McMillan made to the former's home in either Tennessee or Kentucky or Illinois or Missouri: "You (John K. McMillan) are still alive (exact quote on that first statement). Do you have any evidence that (the cited individual) seeks to harm you?"

Roland Klose.

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