Sunday, June 18, 2017


I recently found the self-discipline to switch from chocolate-flavored soy milk to unsweetened vanilla soy milk, and this is reducing my sugar intake each morning by more than 15 grams per serving. The unsweetened vanilla soy milk has only one gram of sugar per serving.

Minimizing sugar consumption plays a crucial role in prevention of diabetes.

As for the yogurt I eat every morning, I plan to do some research to find a brand of Greek-style yogurt that is both delicious and low in sugar. I am not aware of any brand of Greek-style yogurt which currently fits that description.

One option: I could buy a plain Greek yogurt and add blueberries to it every morning as a way of sweetening it naturally and making it more palatable. The blueberries are rich in antioxidants and can truly be a life-saver.

Other strategies I'm pursuing to make my dietary lifestyle as healthy for me as possible include:

I am eating smoked sardines twice per week, eating either Brisling sardines from Scotland that are packed in extra-virgin olive oil or sardines from Morocco that are packed in extra-virgin olive oil.

Sardines are very good for my heart. This reminds me that I should also check to find out whether there is any frozen whole-wheat pizza with sardines and heavy-tomato sauce that is low in sodium and is offered in the frozen pizzas section of my nearby H.E.B. corporate-owned supermarket or Randall's corporate-owned supermarket. Randall's is affiliated with Safeway stores.

I am also attempting to be more diligent about meeting my dietary goal for myself of eating one washed raw carrot per day, one washed medium-sized Delicious red apple per day, and several bananas per week.

I am also striving to consume as much green tea as possible in my leisuretime.

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