Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Belated 'Thank You' to my Older Brother Dr. Michael Kim McMillan of Southern California for his helpful written advice to me in recent years that I:

---Develop more dialogues with Mormons, since members of the Salt Lake City-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (unlike some or several other religious denominations that brother Michael is apparently knowledgeable about) OPPOSE THOUGHT-CONTROL PROJECTS, Michael pointed out in an e-mail letter he wrote and sent to me in recent years.

Brother Michael chose not to directly advise me that I should also move to Utah----or to another U.S. state, such as Idaho, in which the percentage of all residents of that state who are Mormon is apparently among the highest of all of the respective U.S. states.

However, brother Michael did helpfully point out to me repeatedly in e-mail notes he sent me in recent years that he himself has a very critical vantage point toward both Austin and the entire state of Texas, including the medical care system in Texas, brother Michael emphasized to me in reply e-mail letters he kindly wrote and sent to me in the last several years.

---Consider moving to a U.S. state (or possibly an English-speaking democratic foreign nation such as Great Britain or Australia or Canada) where respect for my own privacy rights is far more extensive than it is in Texas, brother Michael helpfully indicated. Brother Michael offered me that invaluable and potentially life-saving implied advice by stating to me in an e-mail reply letter he sent to me in recent years that he himself strongly supports full privacy rights for me. Michael indicated that he himself did not believe that the state of Texas and the cities and towns and counties of Texas have exhibited full respect toward my own privacy rights.

---Live very frugally, brother Michael McMillan helpfully advised me on numerous occasions in the last several years. "You (brother John McMillan) will always be (financially) poor," brother Michael emphasized to me in one of his many candidly worded e-mail notes that he wrote and sent to me from Southern California, where he was employed during that period as a chemistry researcher for the University of Southern California (USC) Keck Medical School in the Los Angeles area.

---Exclude "sadistic persons" from my own life. Brother Michael offered me that very helpful and potentially life-saving implicitly conveyed advice in a 1994 visit he made to Snyder, Texas, during a period when I was employed full-time in that west Texas city as a reporter and photographer for the "Snyder Daily News" general-circulation newspaper. During that special visit that brother Michael made to Snyder, Texas, in order to have breakfast with me inside a restaurant in Snyder, brother Michael volunteered to me as we stood in front of that restaurant before dining together there, and I quote verbatim his surprising observation to me that morning: "All of the people of your own past were sadistic."

--Associate with persons who have numerous significant points of agreement with me and do not get me mired in inter-personal conflicts, brother Michael indicated. Brother Michael offered me that implicit advice by repeatedly pointing out in e-mail letters to me that "life is short" and that it makes sense to primarily associate with persons with whom I enjoy a strong sense of harmony in my rapport with them.

--Focus on the life I forge for myself in the present, since the past  and persons I encountered in my own past do not have much of a bearing on my life of the present and future, brother Michael repeatedly emphasized in e-mail letters to me.

---Join Costco, a Seattle-based nationwide chain of discount stores that offer lots of healthy-foods options in big quantities to individuals paying a membership fee after qualifying to become a Costco member.

---Choose to live in an apartment unit or home in which I myself am safe. Brother Michael offered me that implied advice through a reply e-mail note he wrote and sent to me several years ago, during a prior period in which I resided at a large apartment complex situated directly along Research Boulevard in Austin, with Michael having kindly offered the following helpful and concerned statement to me in writing: "You (brother John) may be unsafe (sic) in your current apartment unit in Austin." 

---Eat Gouda cheese from The Netherlands on a frequent and year-round basis, since Gouda cheese is rich in Vitamin K2 that helps to direct calcium found in arteries to bones and teeth, and is very good for one's cardiovascular health for that and other reasons, brother Michael indicated to me in writing.

---Minimize my own consumption of corn oil, since corn oil is very harmful to the health, brother Michael emphasized to me in writing in the last year or two.

---Significantly increase my daily consumption of green tea (as distinct from black tea), as one means of boosting my own cardiovascular health, brother Michael very helpfully suggested.

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