Saturday, June 3, 2017


---That Congress establish a truly nationwide network of recycling centers for any and all items that otherwise would have been discarded as trash, and that can be recycled. Development of a Nationwide Recycling Program as soon as possible will not only conserve natural resources for American society, but also protect the long-term national security of the United States. In the event of a future full-fledged war in which the United States is a participant, the American people and federal officials will be very glad that a comprehensive recycling program was already instituted in the United States . That type of nationwide recycling program will truly be a life-saver in the event of war.

--That Congress approve an American Freedom from Addictions Act that establishes and provides funding for a nationwide network of illicit-drug-addiction treatment facilities that can help the millions of Americans with current addictions to marijuana or any other illicit drug, to completely and permanently free themselves from those very harmful and law-breaking addictions.
"The long-term benefit to the American economy from increased productivity at the workplace, from fewer days of employees calling in sick, and from greater intellectual and medical vitality to any and all Americans who previously had an illicit drug addiction, will more than compensate the federal government  and American society for the money our government devotes to this very, very crucial cause," a U.S. President could declare.

--That Congress approve an Accelerated Nationwide Comprehensive Conversion to the Metric System Act that will greatly enhance scientific research throughout the United States as well as joint scientific-research projects involving American scientists and scientists in other nations.
That urgently-needed new federal law will also help to conserve fossil fuels and water and other natural resources throughout the United States, and will also promote enhanced scientific and cultural and political communications and dialogue between the United States and the many nations of the world that rely on the Metric System as their official system of measurements.
The new federal law will also help to boost tourism in the United States, since foreign citizens accustomed to the Metric System will feel more comfortable about visiting the United States in a context in which the USA has officially embraced and actually implemented the Metric System on a comprehensive nationwide basis.

---That Congress approve funding for establishment of a new federal research center that exclusively focuses on identifying the funding sources for various violent militant groups and violent terrorist organizations in the United States and elsewhere.
That very salient focus on identifying the funding sources or financiers behind each and every terrorist group or violent militant group in the world, will be invaluable in helping to deter violent conduct by each such group.

---That Congress approve a proposed new Amendment to the United States Constitution which clearly states that Congress shall not pass any law that prevents any municipality, county, or U.S. state, respectively, from each approving by majority vote in a referendum in that city, county, or state, a temporary or permanent restriction or temporary or permanent ban on the sale of one or more specified types of alcoholic beverages anywhere and everywhere in that particular city, county, or state; or a ban on the sale of any tobacco product; or a ban on the sale of marijuana or  medical marijuana.


to be continued

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