Monday, June 19, 2017


(1) Has anyone attempted to compile each and every favorable statement or word of praise that Donald Trump as President of the United States has himself verbalized in regard to each of the cited foreign nations of the world, respectively?

That compilation of public statements, if published separately in regard to each foreign nation, would be illuminating. That compilation would offer evidence in regard to the allegation by many observers that Donald Trump is a xenophobic president. For instance, it seems likely that Donald Trump has almost never praised either Mexico or Canada on any occasion since Mr. Trump assumed elective office as American Chief of State.

(1a) In view of President Trump's emphatic "buy American goods" exhortations, has any American news media company actually made an attempt to study which imported foods and imported beverages and imported clothes and other imported items are, in fact, currently being used or consumed or on display in the White House of Donald Trump and his Yugoslavian-born wife, First Lady Melania Trump?

(2) It might be grimly amusing to find out which academic courses (if any) Donald Trump flunked or nearly flunked during his college days, as those academic weaknesses of his might reveal a lot about his limitations as a U.S. President.

(3) Many people, myself among them, are probably still asking the question: Which schools or colleges or universities did Donald Trump actually attend? (The answer, I have since learned through online research, includes Fordham University in the Bronx and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.) Unlike President John F. Kennedy, for instance, who identified himself as a Harvard man, and unlike President George Bush Sr., who identified himself as a Yale alumnus, Trump appears to talk less about his alumni status with various schools than did the vast majority of modern U.S. Presidents. Inevitably the question arises whether Donald Trump is hiding something about his college days or primary and secondary-level education days.

(4) Is there any evidence that American foreign policy toward Slovenia and southeastern Europe will be influenced by Donald Trump's wife, Melania Trump, a native of Yugoslavia who no doubt has many friends and relatives in southeastern European nations? So far, I don't recall seeing any newspaper article that explored this subject---along with the subject of whether it is proper for the spouse of an American Chief of State to serve as a defacto foreign-policy analyst or defacto "State Department representative" on Slovenia and southeastern Europe, a role that could possibly undermine or conflict with the official roles held by U.S. ambassadors and other State Department officials who are actually based in Slovenia and other southeastern European nations.

(5) Is there any evidence that the federal budget that President Trump is asking Congress to approve will reward and promote entrepreneurialism by private citizens, entrepeneurialism being the cited focus of Mr. Trump's pre-Presidential career as television host of "The Apprentice".

(6) How many presidential press conferences has President Trump hosted so far in his first-term of elective office in the White House? How does that number compare with each of his predecessors of the most recent 50-year period for the first five months of their own respective administrations?

(7) Has President Trump ever acknowledged that his well-known public embraces of the Russian Government and Mr. Putin --- embraces calling to mind the famous well-photographed hugs that American actor Chuck Connors used to offer to Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev in the 1970s ---- will undermine the ability of any prosecuting attorney for the U.S. Government to ever get a courtroom conviction against any American citizen for the crime of treason in any context relating to Russia? After all, Donald Trump has basically told the entire world that despite the nuclear warheads in Russia that are pointed at the U.S. and at Europe, the Russians are "friends" of ours and should be trusted by Americans, in the apparent view of Mr. Trump.

(8) Does anyone regard it as rather odd that while Donald Trump praises Mr. Putin and Russia, Mr. Trump never cites any particular consumer good manufactured in Russia that Mr. Trump wants Americans to actually purchase and actually consume. "We should be friends with the Russians, but we should refrain from purchasing Russian manufactured goods," Mr. Trump might as well declare. 

Some may sense that possibly Mr. Trump is hoping that some small or medium-sized animal native to Russia or any other region of the former Soviet Union might make a good "household pet" for American families, and whether Trump is hoping to "make a deal" with the Russians that will involve sale of that indigenous Russian dog or cat or other prospective "household pet" in pet-shops throughout the United States. It is possible that Trump sees increased popularity of that type of native Russian animal inside American households as one way to promote friendship between Russian society and American society.

(9) Has President Trump been asked the question, "Under which circumstances, if any, would you ever decide to resign from elective office as President of the U.S.?" If so, what was his reply to that type of question?

(10) The very fact that President Trump virtually never admits he makes any mistakes as Chief of State, raises the question of whether he has the humility and self-critical aptitude to serve as an honest and honorable U.S. President. And a Chief of State who never admits he makes mistakes in the Oval Office invites speculation about whether his very failure to acknowledge making any mistakes as President adds to the evidence that he may be unfit to serve as U.S. President.

(11) In view of President Trump's ancestral heritage in Germany, why is it that he apparently does not refer fondly to his relatives and family friends in Germany, and to his lifelong friendship, presumably, with many of those relatives and friends of his who are German citizens residing in Germany?

(12) In view of President Trump's German ancestry, has he publicly attempted to demonstrate semi-fluency in German, as one way of demonstrating a strong affinity for the people of Germany? Or does he believe that it would be a sign of weakness for a U.S. President to demonstrate his own personal semi-fluency in the language of a foreign nation such as Germany?

(13) It seems that President Trump has almost never expressed concern about any emerging "conflict of interest" of any type for his Administration. Despite this, he did speak out against what he said was a "conflict of interest" for others. Why is it that when Trump examines the conduct of others, he can identify conflict of interest, but when he examines conduct by his own Administration, he never identifies any?

(14) I recently reviewed a "Chronicle of Higher Education" article about Mr. Trump from July 2016 that quoted someone knowledgeable about Mr. Trump as saying that Mr. Trump does not care about the details, as he is a "big picture" type of person. This raises the inevitable question of WHO in the Trump Administration is the assigned "Details Expert" whose flair for addressing specific details serves as a complement to President Trump's own style of governance.

(15) How does President Trump's outlook toward and attitude toward the United Nations compare with the five previous most recent U.S. Presidents? Also, how many months transpired before each of those five Presidents delivered their first (if any) in-person speech before delegates of numerous foreign countries and the U.S. inside UN Headquarters in New York City, New York?

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