Tuesday, June 6, 2017


A 55-year-old Anglo male bachelor residing in Minnesota pursues a hobby over a multi-decade period of attempting to personally verify during his leisuretime with his own eyes the existence of each and every one of the 10,000 lakes that Minnesota boasts of offering to tourists and residents there.

He repeatedly explains to other Minnesotans, and to visitors to Minnesota, that he is a native of Missouri, the "Show Me State," and he was always raised to verify everything in person before he agreed that it exists. "That's my 'Show Me State' heritage," he politely explains to other Minnesotans who inquire about what appears to them to be an eccentric hobby.

The male character becomes depressed, however, because he senses that in the remaining years of his life he may not be able to personally verify at least 9,000 of those lakes he has not yet visited in person. He develops this sad awareness after studying longevity estimates for human beings indicating that they almost never live beyond 110.

Despite this, the featured male character in this movie during his leisuretime over a multi-month period continues surveying and documenting the existence of each of the lakes of Minnesota. 

 One of the unexpected milestones of his life occurs when a "Minneapolis Tribune" daily newspaper feature writer contacts him and interviews him about his out-of-the-ordinary hobby that conveys a Minnesota chauvinism admired by many residents of that state. 

"This hobby of mine has put me on the front page of the Tribune, which I would never have achieved without my fascination with lake-counting," he later explains to fellow Kiwanis Club members at a meeting of that civic group in his hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota.

"So my advice to each of you is that if you want to get a write-up in the 'Minneapolis Tribune', by all means find a very odd hobby you can pursue that will grab the attention of the story-assignment editors at the Tribune. Those of us here in Hibbing know that unless we can some up with something intriguing like that, we could easily spend the rest of our lives without ever making an appearance in the Tribune. It's a bit like guaranteed anonymity for the rest of your life, if you live here in Hibbing."

In one of his lake-counting trips to conduct an on-site inspection of yet another lake in Minnesota, he happens to meet an attractive younger lady, age 45, who delights in actually swimming in lakes.

The two of them get along very well, and they enjoy swimming in lakes together, and the lake-surveyor loses his interest in documenting all of the lakes of that state. So the emphasis shifts to swimming in as many lakes of Minnesota as that couple can find the time or inclination to pursue during their leisuretime.

And that, in turn, prompts a return visit by a feature writer for the "Minneapolis Tribune" who is eager to announce to the entire state that this featured romantic couple are on a North Star State lakes-swimming mission that everyone in their state can take pride in.

When the two of them eventually get married, they do so in the middle of a lake while standing on a tiny rowboat that also holds the clergyman who presides over their wedding.

And the wedding ceremony takes place in the very lake in Minnesota where the couple met for the first time.

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