Friday, August 11, 2017


--Have you tried jotting down notes about each and every item or service you pay for each month that you yourself do not regard as being a truly essential item or essential service for you, and that you have the option of NOT purchasing or paying for?

---Have you tried identifying each and every addiction you may have at present that is costing you money, and that is either harmful to your medical health or puts you at risk of getting arrested by a law-enforcement agency?

--Have you tried asking a friendly relative of yours if he or she is willing to lend you money that is specifically earmarked for your enrolling in a drug-addiction-treatment program or an alcohol-addiction-treatment program or a tobacco-addiction-treatment program that will help you to immediately or quickly eliminate addictions from your life that are both financially costly and very harmful to your medical health and possibly illegal as well?

--Have you tried pursuing factual research to identify any grant or scholarship or stipend that you might possibly qualify for, whether based on your own ancestry, the city and state or school district where you reside, your current age, your academic record in high school or college, your keen intellect, your religious affiliation or your membership in a civic group that offers grants or scholarships, your employer affiliation, or some other attribute or talent of yours, such as your ability to write scripts for theater plays or movies?

--Have you tried eliminating from your own conduct, whether in your leisuretime or in your career-related conduct, any possibly illegal actions you currently pursue that might result in your having a need to hire an attorney to represent you or your incurring legal expenses, such as if you are jailed and have to post bail in order to get released from jail?

--In your career life, have you tried following the guideline that you should NEVER resign from any job you currently have UNLESS you have already received and accepted a job offer from another employer, with any occasion in which you ever resign from a current job of yours being one in which you also give full written notice to your current employer?

---Have you tried developing a frugal personal budget plan for yourself, and then striving to live within your own budget each week and each month?

--Have you tried joining a non-profit organization, such as a consumer credit counseling service, that helps consumers such as yourself to reduce your monthly payments on some or several of your regular monthly financial expenses?

--Have you tried joining a reputable credit union that might help you to consolidate each of the current loans you have from banks into one total low-interest-rate loan that will reduce the total monthly amount you pay on loans from financial institutions?

--Have you tried jotting down in your notebook each of your monthly payment deadlines on your regular monthly bills, and then making sure you always meet those deadlines in order to reduce total amount of money per month that you spend on late-payment fees?

--Have you tried setting a limit on the total number of miles of driving you pursue each week during your leisuretime, with the odometer of your automobile providing you with the factual information you need for keeping a daily mileage log on miles you drive during your leisuretime?

--Have you tried reducing your weekly gasoline expenses by moving to a new apartment or housing coop or rental room that is located significantly closer to your current workplace than where you are currently living?

--Have you tried walking to and from your workplace after you have moved into a new apartment that's closer to your workplace than your most recent previous apartment was?

---Have you tried reducing the amount of drinking alcohol that you purchase each week?

---Have you tried reducing the number of packs of cigarettes that you purchase each week?

---Have you tried reducing the amount of money you spend per month on sports bets and other forms of gambling or betting?

--Have you tried eliminating from your monthly expenses any amount of money you might spend on any form of gambling that you sense might possibly be illegal?

--Have you tried staying away from nightclubs, which eliminates cover charges you would have otherwise paid and also reduces the number of occasions in which you might be expected to "buy a drink" for another person?

--Have you tried discontinuing any previous or current practice you may have had of spending money inside commercial sex parlors or inside illicit houses of sexual prostitution?

--Have you tried eliminating any previous or current practice you may have had of paying money of your own toward an "escort service", whether reputable or illicit in nature?

--Have you tried imposing a personal "one-year freeze" on yourself ever paying any additional paying visits to a tattoo parlor anywhere in the world at any time in the 12-month period that begins today?

--Have you tried imposing a permanent and irrevocable ban on yourself ever again visiting any tattoo parlor as a paying customer at any time during the remaining several decades of your own life?

---Have you tried eliminating marijuana or cocaine or any other illicit drug from the weekly or monthly purchases that you make?

--Have you tried eliminating illicit-drug paraphernalia from your weekly or monthly purchases?

--Have you tried dining in more affordable restaurants than you have been patronizing when you treat a prospective or current romantic partner of yours to a meal during your dates?

--Have you tried increasing the number of drinking-alcohol-free dates you pursue with your female romantic partner or female romantic partner?

--Have you tried limiting yourself and your dating partner to one total alcoholic beverage each, if that much, throughout each of your romantic dates together?

--Have you tried being more consistent about using condoms when you date an adult lady, which reduces the risk of your female dating partner sustaining an unwanted pregnancy for which you yourself would then be required or expected to help pay for either her abortion or her maternity expenses and child-rearing expenses?

--Have you tried switching your current brand of cologne to a less expensive brand that you also like?

--Have you tried going without cologne and instead purchasing bars of soap for yourself that are effectively anti-bacterial and mild on your skin and also enhance the scent of your skin?

--Have you tried eliminating air freshener sprays from your own home life, and instead purchasing and watering in your home a potted fragrant indoor plant with pleasantly aromatic leaves that retain their pleasant fragrance on a 24-hour-a-day and year-round basis?

--Have you tried reviewing each and every one of your monthly expenses that are automatically paid through a deduction to your checking account, and then possibly eliminating or reducing monthly expenses in any particular category that you can now identify as unjustifiable or unhelpful to you or excessive?

--Have you tried consolidating your credit cards into one primary credit card with as low an interest rate as possible?

--Have you tried reducing the amount of money you spend per month on additional fashionwear items for yourself?

--Have you tried shopping for used-clothing items for yourself inside a local Goodwill store or some other store that sells used clothing at a reduced rate?

---Have you tried talking with any of your media-service providers to find out if they have any advice for how you can reduce the total amount of money you spend per month, such as through a package deal on your cell phone or landline phone, Internet service, and cable television service?

--Have you tried reducing your cable-television service package to the basic lowest-possible-rate cable television package, even if that involves missing some of your favorite cable television programs each week?

--Have you tried contacting your apartment management team to find out how many total roommates are legally permitted to reside together in your current apartment?

--If you are not currently at that maximum total number of roommates permitted in your apartment unit under the terms of your apartment lease agreement, have you tried advertising online for an additional new roommate who will help to bring down your own monthly rent after your apartment's total overall rent each month is then divided among three total roommates or four roommates or five roommates, instead of your current two roommates or three roommates or four total roommates?

--Have you tried increasing your monthly income through Blog-writing that can generate income for you whenever readers of your Blogs click on the advertisements at your blogsite's webpage?

---Have you tried increasing your monthly income through a reputable new part-time job that does not put your own personal safety at risk?

--Have you tried pursuing a part-time freelance career on the side as a talent scout, for instance, based on your confidence that you yourself have especially strong skills at identifying the "hidden talents" or "overlooked talents" of many of your associates and friends and relatives; talents of theirs for which they possibly are not currently being financially rewarded adequately through their current career?

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