Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome to the Chef's Table!

Welcome to the Chef's Table!
I would like to read blogs from your Chef that explore such topics as:
---His own previous trips to Italy, and the various ways in which those trips of his to Italy inspired in your Chef new ideas and new techniques and greater respect for the Italians' style of cookery.
----Is your Chef a current member of an Italian Cookery Academy, or some such organization solely dedicated to promoting excellence in Italian cookery?
---Which of your entrees are the spiciest, and which of the spiciest dishes you offer are your Chef's favorites?
---Which regions of Italy or islands of Italy are highlighted the most extensively in your menu?
---Which of your menu items might be described as a Cardiologist's Favorites, and I pose this question because I've read the Italian diet at its best protects Italians from contracting heart disease.
---Which sauces do you offer your customers, in addition to Alfredo sauce and Marinara sauce?
---Which of your menu items would you recommend the most to a tomato-sauce-lover or a customer who craves the taste of tomatoes, at least.
---Which of your dishes takes the most time for your Chef to prepare, and why?
---Does your Chef support the offering of whole-wheat pasta on your menu, even if it might involve an extra charge for customers requesting whole-wheat pasta in their entree or side dish?
---What sets Italian cuisine apart from the other Great European cuisines, such as Greek Cuisine, French cuisine, etc.
---Which of your menu items or combinations of menu items does your Chef most recommend to married couples seeking to celebrate their Wedding Anniversary?
---Which of the special orders or special requests from your customers does your Chef personally admire the most as a clever innovation upon the current menu options?
---What makes the Artisan bread that your restaurant offers special?
---Does your Chef ever use or recommend any alternative dipping sauces for bread other than the combination of the Balsamic dressing and olive oil?
---In which way does your Chef believe that Italian cuisine is particularly superior? Would that be in the genre of appetizers, entrees, side dishes, breads, or desserts?
---Does your Chef ever have the opportunity to brainstorm creatively for Maggiano's by sending suggestions and ideas of his own to your corporate headquarters or to your first-rate General Manager inside your restaurant?
---What is the most difficult or challenging aspect of cooking meals Italian-style?
---Since your child customers and teenage customers are not legally permitted to drink wine, and some of your adult customers are teetotalers, does your chef have any suggestions about which non-alcoholic beverages on your menu most successfully complement and highlight the Italian menu offerings?
---Would you please tell me more about the namesake of your restaurant, and what their own all-time favorite Italian dishes were or are?

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