Friday, May 27, 2011

Need for an Austin Aromatherapy Festival and Austin Aromatherapy Symposium

Austin, Texas, might make a fine site for an annual Aromatherapy Festival and an annual Aromatherapy Symposium and Workshop.
Austinites emphasize their devotion to healthful living, and to innovative, progressive lifestyle options.
It would not surprise me, in fact, if there already is an Austin Aromatherapy Association non-profit civic group. And possibly that civic group is already sponsoring an aromatherapy-theme cultural event in our capital city along the Colorado River.
All of this serves as a reminder of the additional need for factual research to find out what the Austin Aromatherapy Scene currently entails---and which of the current civic groups in Austin are promoting aromatherapy.
The proposed annual Austin Aromatherapy Festival and Symposium and Workshop tradition for our capital city might also feature public speeches by famous persons who have publicly endorsed aromatherapy. Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz reportedly is among the celebrities who advocate and practice aromatherapy, and she might welcome an invitation to give a public speech at a civic event of that type in Austin, Texas.

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