Sunday, May 22, 2011

Urgent Need for United Nations Estimates on Human Beings Without Any Citizenship Status

I have been dismayed by the apparent failure of the Obama Administration thus far to assert as one of its top priorities the urgent need for the issuance and promulgation of a semiannual United Nations report that estimates, by country of residence, the number of persons throughout the world who are without any officially acknowledged citizenship status in ANY country.

The proposed report could also include statistics, by country, on the estimated number of persons throughout the world who are without any citizenship status in the nation where they currently reside. In that portion of the UN report, distinctions could be made between illegal aliens living in a cited country and those individuals who are legally residing in that country but currently without official citizenship status in that nation.

Of that latter group of individuals, the estimated percentage who have citizenship status in a country other than the one where they're residing, and who are not currently seeking to achieve citizenship in the country where they reside, could be provided.

Many thousands of Palestinians currently are denied the legal right of citizenship status in Israel or any other country, which is occurring in deplorable violation of those Palestinians' own human rights.

It is also noteworthy that individuals who are denied citizenship status in any nation of the world will be less likely to conduct themselves in a law-abiding and honorable manner. The involuntary amomie to which they are subjected by one or more nations severely undermines those persons' own ability to feel the full satisfaction of contributing toward the civic life and cultural life of the nation where they reside.

It also seems to me that there are many other people throughout the world, including refugees living in a new country, who are currently without any citizenship status in any nation or in the nation where they reside. A semiannual United Nations report would help to publicize those other shocking cases of persons deprived of the dignity of enjoying official citizenship status in any nation.

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