Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Eleven Questions for President Obama at some Future Interview in the White House

President Obama, I would like to thank you for this opportunity you've given me to pose 10 questions to you today.

My questions, Mr. President, are as follows:

(1) Would you support the federally-sponsored establishment of a truly comprehensive and fully-up-to-date and fully modernized, energy-efficient, nationwide recycling program involving full participation by private-sector contractors for those services, when applicable, in each and every city, town, and rural area throughout our nation, and that would process all items that otherwise would have been thrown away or discarded by a business or government-owned institution or residential household.

(2) Mr. President, do you believe our economy can ever be truly healthy and fully vital under circumstances in which a high percentage of all Americans --- regardless of whether they are employed at the time ---- are themselves addicted to one or more illicit drugs, one or more licit drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products, and when our nation's economy currently relies excessively on such dubious industries as the tobacco industry, the illicit-drug "industry," the drinking-alcohol industry, the gambling industry, the violent-video games industry, and the tattooing industry.

(2a) Mr. President, do you support the establishment of a new type of Amnesty Program in this country that promises full immunity from criminal prosecution or from loss of job for any and all American citizens working in a workplace in the U.S.A. who confess to the federal government that they are currently addicted to marijuana or some other illicit drug, or possibly to drinking alcohol, for that matter?
Would you like to see a non-profit foundation help finance a nationwide Amnesty Program Drug-Addiction Recovery Service that generously pays Americans to take an approved medical leave of absence from their employer in order to immediately enroll in and complete a drug-treatment or alcohol-treatment program.

(3) Mr. President, what do you believe is preventing each and every one of our nation's 50 largest metro areas from each providing truly comprehensive underground mass-transportation subway systems as well as light-rail ground-level or monorail transit passenger train systems, in addition to comprehensive bus transportation services, to anyone working in or living in or visiting or traveling throughout that metro area.

(4) Mr. President, do you know the statistic on the total number of acres of commercial farmland or ranchland in the United States that have been lost or destroyed or sold to commercial real-estate developers in the approximately two-year period since you assumed office in mid-January of 2009? What is your Administration doing to help prevent any further loss of total farmland or ranchland acreage throughout this entire country?

(5) Mr. President, has the health insurance law approved by the U.S. Congress during your Administration prompted a significant increase in the number of employers in the U.S. that offer group health insurance to all full-time or part-time employees at their workplace?

(6) Mr. President, do you believe the U.S. Government has a moral imperative to help prosecute and help deter fraudulent or knowingly dishonest "news and information" media services in this country? Does it alarm you to sense that Las Vegas, Nevada, is among the apparent Fraudulent Communications Hubs of this entire nation?

(7) Mr. President, do you believe that the alarmingly widespread nature of deliberately fraudulent or deliberately dishonest news and information media services occurring in the United States, could potentially undermine our nation's claim to being the bastion of honest and reliable information and responsible Free Speech.

(8) Mr. President, do you believe that nationwide conversion to the Metric System as soon as possible throughout the entire U.S. would significantly help our nation to strengthen our nation's economy? Do you believe there is a need for an official U.S. Government Metric Conversion Commission to preside over that proposed nationwide metric-conversion process?

(9) Mr. President, after purchasing a pair of work shoes for myself today in Austin, Texas, I was very surprised to read on the product label for that box that there were at least five applicable shoe sizes for that pair of shoes, depending on which nation or group of nations were providing the standard of measurement. Would you like to see the convening of an international conference on shoe-size uniformity that would help to establish uniformity of standards for calculating shoe size that could be used in each and every country, including the U.S.A.?

(10) Mr. President, do you believe the U.S. Government should go to court to officially challenge the legalization of so-called "medical marijuana" by the State of California?

(11) Mr. President, what do you believe the biggest personal weakness of yours currently is in your role as our nation's Chief of State? What are you doing to offset or minimize that weakness you have identified in yourself?

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