Sunday, November 7, 2010

Censorship by Hollywood: The Types of Scenes, Dialogues, and Themes You Almost Never See in 21st Century American Cinema

Any conscientious moviegoer in the United States inevitably concludes that the American motion picture industry is repressively censorious. Among the types of scenes, kinds of dialogue, and types of motifs that, because of defacto censorship by Hollywood executives and scriptwriters, you almost never see in the American cinema these days are:

(1) A movie in which a law-abiding and moral American turns into an honorable crusader against the entertainment industry, and especially the rock-concert and punk-rock industry, after that American citizen is outraged from observing the millions of Americans "going deaf" from involuntary or unrequested exposure to loud music and other forms of noise pollution in their everyday lives.

(2)The following line from a conscientious character in a Hollywood movie: "The American annihilation of the ozone layer and the resulting Global Warming Effect makes our nation guilty of crimes against humanity." "It certainly does," replies another character in that movie. "And the failure of the U.S. Congress this century to approve legislation designed to help contain the Global Warming Effect will go down in history as one of the most infamous acts in all of world history."

(3) The following line from an idealistic and wholesome character in a Hollywood movie: "I'm an alcohol-free teetotaler," a character in a Hollywood movie states proudly. "I enjoy cantaloupe juice. And I never get any hangovers from drinking cantaloupe juice. In fact, I always serve cantaloupe juice whenever I want to toast someone at a party I'm hosting."

(4) The following line from a conscientious character in a Hollywood movie: "Everyone says that people in China have no privacy rights, but I'm a law-abiding American citizen living in the United States, and I'm very sure that I have no privacy rights, either. So do you think this means the United States has turned into a communist totalitarian country?"

(5)A Hollywood movie set in 21st Century America in which NONE of the adult characters at any point during that entire movie ever once consumes any drinking alcohol or any tobacco product or ever once verbalizes any profanity, and in which NONE of the characters in that movie ever accuses another character of telling a lie to anyone.

(6)A Hollywood movie set in 21st Century U.S.A. in which none of the characters in that movie ever once accuses another character of being a "jerk" or a "creep" or an "a-hole" (profanity) or a "bastard" (profanity) or a "bitch" (profanity) or a "liar" or a "freak" or a "weirdo" at any point in that movie, and in which NONE of the characters in that movie come across as being significantly cynical toward other human beings.

(7)A Hollywood movie in which all the characters in that movie drive within the speed limit at all times. I myself can't ever recall watching any Hollywood movie featuring motorists who consistently and very diligently drive within the speed limit and obey all traffic laws while driving on the roadways.

(8) A Hollywood movie in which the primary characters in that movie exclusively travel by subway or light-rail transit car or by walking or riding a bicycle or mass-transit bus to all of their destinations in that movie.
In fact, it often seems from the American cinema of today that Hollywood executives seize every opportunity they get to "advertise" the most recent model of some gas-guzzling make of automobile on the screen. The movie viewer is led to believe that this was designed to add to the glamor of the scenery in that movie, while also making the movie more profitable since the automaker whose vehicle is being showcased presumably paid money to a Hollywood executive in exchange for that cinematic "advertising."

(9)A Hollywood movie offering a scathing expose of the widespread societal problem of adult intergenerational exploitation of high-school student coworkers at the workplace. That expose might feature adult persons offering to purchase tobacco cigarettes or alcohol for underage coworkers; adults who give tobacco cigarettes to underage coworkers as a "present"; adult employees who repeatedly brush up against and caress the behinds or breasts of underage coworkers of theirs at the workplace during working hours for each of them; adult work supervisors who demand that underage employees of theirs have sex with those adult work supervisors, whether at the workplace or away from the workplace; adult male employees who have sex with female teenage coworkers and subject them to an unwanted pregnancy; and adult employees who during their leisuretime host alcoholic parties, possibly featuring consumption of marijuana, at which high-school student coworkers of theirs are invited to attend and consume those vile substances.

(10) A movie profiling reverse discrimination in American society---employment discrimination victimizing white persons, for instance, or employment discrimination victimizing heterosexual adult persons, or employment discrimination against law-abiding and honest and honorably vigilant Americans, for instance.

(11) The following line in a Hollywood movie: "You are hereby charged with the felony crime of having infected another human being with the HIV virus. You have the right to remain silent, and you also have the right to an attorney."

(12) A Hollywood movie profiling an unconscionable male adult pederast who repeatedly and ruthlessly preys on male youths and their families.

(13) A Hollywood movie presenting a pioneer in the field of renewable energy development as a heroic savior to 21st Century American society.

(14) A Hollywood movie profiling an unconscionable and ruthless and very sadistic and injurious "Sugar Daddy." That so-called Sugar Daddy in a very illicit manner pursues intergenerational exploitation of younger persons, including many minors, on a habitual and year-round basis.

(15) A Hollywood movie in which the characters who tell lies, regardless of how popular they were at an early point in that movie, are ostracized and turn into societal pariahs. The "main characters" in that movie, as it turns out---the characters who remain in the foreground, after the pathological liars turn into mere background in that movie-----are individuals who are honest and law-abiding.
A movie of this type could be filmed in an American city with a name such as "Truth or Consequences" --- the actual name of a real-life municipality that's situated in the U.S. state of New Mexico.

(16) A Hollywood movie exalting the freedom of each individual in American society to set his own priorities, regardless of the expectations of others, with the clear understanding that any and all conduct he pursues based on those priorities he's delineated for himself must be law-abiding in nature.

(17) A Hollywood movie exploring the many forms of sadomasochism, or S&M, that pervade American society in the 21st Century. In a nation where S&M in all of its permutations is appallingly widespread, how can any given American citizen, or any given American family, foster a healthy refuge from that very dreary and destructive S&M Scene in his own life?

(18) A semi-fictionalized Hollywood movie exalting Carrie Nation, the crusading anti-alcohol activist, as a great heroic figure of American history.

(19)A Hollywood movie emphasizing the supremacy of mutual-consent strictly-platonic (non-sexual) personal relationships in each person's quality of life and ability to enjoy a happy and healthy life.

(20) A Hollywood movie in which NONE of the major characters in that movie are presented as having significantly self-destructive or destructive lifestyles.
It's no surprise that a high percentage of Americans of today lead significantly self-destructive and destructive lifestyles. After all, the popular media, including the motion-picture and television industries, routinely publicize self-destructive or destructive lifestyles while generally presenting those lifestyles as being "glamorous" or "exciting" or "intriguing."

(21) A Hollywood movie in which a character who is rejected by another character gladly and promptly honors that personal rejection. In that type of Never-In-Hollywood scenario, the character who's been rejected by another person would promptly reflect on which of the MILLIONS or BILLIONS of persons who have NOT directly rejected himself-----and whom he himself had not directly rejected, either----he would most like to meet in person. Of the many persons he has spoken with in person at least once in the last 10-year period, say, which individuals MIGHT potentially make a good prospective friend for himself? This, in a Hollywood movie featuring a logical and rational character, would be a very refreshing and fine step for that character to take.

(22) A Hollywood movie or television show about a heroic investigator of the finest possible moral integrity whose sole assigned career duties are to devote himself 24 hours a day to helping to lawfully rid his city's municipal law-enforcement agency of any and all police officers who allegedly accepted bribes or who otherwise participate in corruption or have alleged ties to organized crime or terrorist groups or who are themselves significantly unethical or law-breaking or dishonest or irresponsible.

(23) A Hollywood movie about the founder of a new religion in 21st Century America who is not himself a charlatan. In particular, he's not guilty of fraudulent or dishonest communications, he's honest and law-abiding, and he is not himself mired in scandal.

(24) A Hollywood movie profiling the life of a noble proponent of a nationwide mandatory-participation comprehensive recycling program for the entire United States, and who is himself subjected to demagogic allegations from many Americans that he's allegedly guilty of being a "communist" or he's allegedly guilty of trying to deprive Americans of their cited "freedom of choice" and "privacy rights."

(25) A Hollywood movie about a heroic figure who is repeatedly and over a multi-year period subjected to numerous attempts against his own life by a variety of very sinister persons. In this movie, the nobly heroic repeated victim of attempted homicide that was repeatedly perpetrated on himself by others, valiantly lobbies his state legislature to approve an amendment to the state penal code that adds "attempted homicide" to the list of felony crimes for which a court-ordered punishment by death penalty is legal in that state. The movie ends triumphantly with this heroic figure sitting in the audience at a court-ordered death by injection that is administered to one of the most sinister of the many persons who in a prior year had attempted to kill the hero of this movie.

(26)A Hollywood movie about a drug-treatment counselor or alcohol-treatment counselor who faces a variety of challenges in helping to significantly reduce the total number of Americans who consume any illicit drugs or any alcohol.

(27)A Hollywood movie about a plot by an American alcohol-industry-financed organization to discredit and ruin the career and life of a very honorable and very law-abiding and polite opponent of alcohol consumption.

(28)A Hollywood movie exploring why it is that American society and Canadian society still, to this day, after centuries of being next-door neighbors, seem to have only minimal friendship with each other. What might explain, for instance, why 90 percent or more of all Americans of today might, if surveyed on the subject, state that they have no personal friends who are current citizens of Canada.

(29)A Hollywood movie exploring why many 21st Century Americans have lost pride in their own country, and have either fled to a foreign nation or sought political or religious asylum in a foreign nation or emigrated to a foreign nation.

(30)A Hollywood movie profiling a heroic and very benevolent vasectomy surgeon in this country who regards his career as a way to help control population growth in the United States while protecting men and women from the risk of unwanted pregnancies that could have disastrous results for them.

(31)A Hollywood movie profiling a bisexual male adult "Office Don Juan" or bisexual male adult "Workplace Casanova" who, it turns out, is HIV-positive and ends up infecting and ruining the lives of nearly all of his coworkers after they also become infected with the HIV virus---all this occurring in the context of his coworkers never once being warned by him, or by any work supervisor at that workplace, that he is himself HIV-positive.

(32) A Hollywood movie profiling the most energy-efficient city or the most energy-efficient metro area in the entire United States, a city or metro area that helps to protect the national security of the United States by minimizing reliance on foreign oil suppliers.

(33) A happy-ending Hollywood movie in which terroristic violence against American citizens by Arab extremists prompts all Americans to pledge to lead lives in which they never consume any marijuana or any other illicit drug for the entirety of the remainder of their lives. This nationwide abstinence pledge by virtually all American citizens of today comes after a media company publicizes a top-secret federal report declaring that if all of America turned anti-drug overnight, this would eliminate one of the leading financial sources for Arab militant groups in the Middle East and organized crime in other nations as well.

(34) A Hollywood movie in which a female former sexual prostitute turns into a police informant and this leads to successful police raids on dozens of brothels and houses of prostitution throughout the U.S.A.

(35) A Hollywood movie exploring the vapidity of American lifestyles in which a quest for "new tattoos for my body" is cited by those millions of Americans as "my leading pastime" or "my favorite thing in life."

(36) A Hollywood movie about a "sexaholic" or sex-addicted American citizen who spends much of that individual's adult life attending "therapy" sessions with a sexaholism treatment counselor. The movie could feature moments in which that sexaholic American opens up his personal scrapbook and boasts about having streaked in the nude at a professional baseball game, for instance. "That was one of the high points of my entire life, the day I got arrested for flashing everyone and mooning everyone at a pro baseball game," the main character in this movie might later confess to a sex-addiction therapist.

(37) A Hollywood movie exploring why urban sprawl is so endemic to American society of today. Among the "bad guys" in a movie of this type might be real-estate developers who maintain that they don't want to bother with renovation of existing buildings, and they insist on always pursuing projects on previously-undeveloped land. "The more spread out, the better, that's my philosophy," as one real estate developer in Texas might declare for a movie of this type.

(37a) A Hollywood movie in which the national security of the United States is endangered by real-estate developers in the U.S. who inflict such extensive urban sprawl upon our entire nation that the Global Warming Effect is significantly worsened---and American reliance on foreign countries for fossil fuels is also increased significantly. Foreign nations are outraged by that U.S.-inflicted problem.

(38) A Hollywood movie in which a character confesses that "I've finally admitted that I'm a sadomasochist. I think what did it for me was the morning I woke up with cigarette butt burns on my behind from my most recent one-night-stand. I'm seeing a therapist to cure myself of my S&M tendencies. My goal is to get through one year without beating or whipping a romantic partner of mine, and without permitting any romantic partner of mine to beat or whip myself, either. So far, I've made it through two weeks without doing any S&M, but it's very difficult for me, since S&M is my thing, so to speak. It's always been my favorite pastime, if you will."

(39) A Hollywood movie in which one character confesses to another, "I've graduated from one-night stands to two-night stands. It's a sign I'm a lot more mature than I was in my 20s. Now, all of my romantic relationships are lasting 48 hours before they suddenly expire like milk that turned sour. Maybe by the end of this calendar year, I'll have progressed into three-night stands. That will be a lot more in-depth, I feel. I might even remember their last name when it's all over."

(40)A Hollywood movie in which one character comments to another, "I would love to attend your party, but only if you can promise me in advance that there won't be any marijuana brownies served, and there won't be any marijuana being smoked or inhaled or offered for sale or given out at your party."

(41) A Hollywood movie in which one character comments to another, "I would consider dating you if you could truthfully promise me that you don't ever do any illicit drugs. But I already know you'd flunk a lie detector test on that subject."

(42) A Hollywood movie in which one character comments to another, "The only way I'll ever go out on a date with you is if you take a lie-detector test in which each of the illicit drugs is cited to you by name, and you are asked each time to state that you haven't done that drug at any time in the most recent 12-month period----and you actually pass the test, which is very, very unlikely, as you know."

(43)A Hollywood movie in which one character confesses to another, "I have no concept of privacy rights. People tell me I should work for the 'National Enquirer', since I already am a gossip columnist. The only difference would be that now I do it orally, and for the Enquirer, I'd write it all out."

(44) A Hollywood movie in which one character declares to another, "The city where he resides has spent millions of dollars trying to prove that he's a worthless narcissist and hedonist who is potentially capable of breaking the law. And during that same period, he's been conscientious and honest and law-abiding throughout. And the city where he lives has been exposed as being very superficial, immoral, dishonest, corrupt, and narcissistic."

(45) A Hollywood movie in which one female character states to a single man, "I don't date men who support thought control projects. I find them to be very, very frightening. They're as scary as Frankenstein, in fact."

(46) A Hollywood move in which a married woman comments to her husband, "If you want to be patriotic, Harry, you should stop consuming illicit drugs. That would protect our national security and save lots of lives in the Middle East. Every time you consume illicit drugs, you are financing terrorism."

(47)A Hollywood movie in which one character says to another, "It doesn't devastate me that you have rejected me today. You're actually doing me a favor, by helping me to reduce the number of persons in my own life who are incompatible with me. In fact, I should celebrate this occasion by treating a strictly-mutual-consent personal friend of mine to lunch or dinner. And maybe you might want to go out and celebrate this occasion with a mutual-consent friend of yours, too. And if for some reason the four of us end up dining in the same restaurant at the same time, I promise you I won't even look at you. My friend will be my focus, and you will be relegated to an amicable oblivion from my own life."

(48) A Hollywood movie in which one character states candidly to another, "If I were a counselor here in New York who specializes in treating pathological liars and turning them into honest and conscientious Americans, I'd be a billionaire. I think I'd celebrate my success each year by going on a vacation trip to that famous town in New Mexico called 'Truth or Consequences'. Maybe they have a bed and breakfast inn there, and I could insist that the innkeeper be truthful to me at all times, or face the consequences."

(49) A Hollywood movie featuring the following line from a character: "My social life has been an exercise in elimination. Last month, I decided to eliminate all pathological liars from my dinner party lists. This month, I'm also eliminating all current drug addicts from my party lists. By the end of the year, I'm hoping to have a reputation for hosting parties where honorable people meet for the first time."

(50) A Hollywood movie in which a female character says to a single man, "I'm sorry, but I never trust anyone with facial hair. Whenever I think of men with mustaches, and Adolph Hitler had one, you know, it gives me the creeps!"

(51)A Hollywood movie in which NONE of the characters ever at any time reveals or verbalizes criminal intent, or harmful intent, toward anyone, and, in particular, NONE of the characters ever says to anyone, "A pox on you!"

(52) A Hollywood movie in which the primary characters in that movie reside in a home that is primarily powered by solar energy or wind power.

(53) A Hollywood movie in which one character fully and fervently supports the Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Association legal and Constitutional rights of another character in that movie----despite the fact that the former individual has very different political and religious beliefs than the latter individual.

(54) A Hollywood movie in which one character praises another for being very honest and straightforward and kind.

(55) A Hollywood movie in which a character who gets fired from his job for filing an accurate workers' compensation claim with his employer later responds to that setback by filing a successful lawsuit against that business.

(56) A Hollywood movie in which a female adult character and a male adult character have numerous intimate and friendly personal conversations with each other without ever having sex with or kissing or grabbing or hugging or embracing the other person.

(57) A Hollywood movie in which a female single woman states to a single man, "The only way I'll go out with you is if you present me with a notarized criminal-history report on yourself from a law-enforcement agency here in town. I need to make sure that you have no history of theft or violence before I could even think of sharing an hors d'oeuvre with you inside a restaurant."

(58) A Hollywood move in which a single man boasts to a single woman, "I take pride in being a NARC. I believe that crime deterrence has to begin with me. I habitually call 911 on a year-round basis to help our local police foil the criminal element. My only disappointment has been that I never get any thank-you notes from any of the suspects after they get arrested with my help. I keep hoping for a 'thank you for getting me off the streets, since I would have ruined lots of people's lives if I were still in the free world' personal letter in the mail, but I never get one."

(59) A Hollywood movie in which a law-abiding character consults a private attorney with the complaint that "I have reason to suspect that I'm being subjected here in Austin, Texas, to illegal forms of electronic surveillance of myself on a 24-hour-a-day basis----and it's quite possible that someone against my wishes is trying to turn me into the unwitting victim of a a hideous and heinous and very perverse snuff movie! Unfortunately, though, none of the law-enforcement agencies I've contacted is willing to investigate any of my complaints about this."

(60) A Hollywood movie in which a married man and father states to his children, "For this Holiday Season, your mother and I have decided to help conserve fossil fuels by not installing any Christmas lights in front of our home or on our Christmas tree. We hope that each of you will understand, and that you'll feel very proud of our family's devotion to protecting the environment!"

(61) A Hollywood movie in which a female character comments to a friend of hers, "I'm definitely NOT the materialistic type. In fact, I don't shop in stores all that much, partly because I don't want to turn into yet another crassly materialistic American woman. I crave ideas, but not objects. And you will also notice that I wear almost no make-up on my face. Why destroy natural beauty with make-up?"

(62) A Hollywood movie in which a 21st Century American citizen repeatedly verbalizes concerns of his about whether he is doing enough to help address the needs of American citizens of the 22nd Century. "I would hate to neglect their needs in any way," that conscientious American citizen might comment to a friend or relative.

(63) A Hollywood movie in which a married man states to his wife, "Honey, we need to do what we can to help promote population control in this nation and world. Once we've had our second baby, I'll get a vasectomy so we won't have any more children."

(64) A Hollywood movie in which one character states to another, "I have dropped mayonnaise from my diet, I only drink fat-free milk and I almost never buy cheese from the supermarket anymore."

(65) A Hollywood movie in which one character states to another, "What I need is a a toll-free phone number I can call on a year-round basis to report all the evidence of organized crime that I observe in LA. I can't get through a single day here without being subjected to that type of evidence! I'm afraid to dine in Italian restaurants, for fear of facing the don who's behind it all!"

(66) A Hollywood movie in which a female character states to a male character in the opening minutes of their first romantic date inside a teahouse, "I'd appreciate it if you would please show me your most recent STD test and HIV test medical results that cite your correct legal name and birthdate. Otherwise, I couldn't feel fully comfortable about dating you."

(67) A Hollywood movie in which one character says to another, "You lied to me about your age, so I won't agree to ever date you or live with you."

(68) A Hollywood movie featuring an inspirational and heartfelt scene in which the top 10 drug-treatment and alcohol-treatment counselors in that city or state are all publicly honored for their noble contributions to humanity.

(69) A Hollywood movie in which one character emphatically states to another, "I don't do anonymous communications. Anything I have to say, I'll give my name for it. And I don't do pranks, either."

(70) A Hollywood movie in which one single woman says to another, "I refuse to date any guy who's on a self-hatred trip in the form of a heavily tattooed body. One tattoo on a male dating partner is all I could handle, at most."

(71) A Hollywood movie in which a civic-minded HIV-negative American citizen leads the cause of helping to protect the legal rights and human rights of all HIV-negative Americans.

(72) A Hollywood movie featuring life in an alcohol-free, tobacco-free, illicit-drug-free, all-male (or coed) fraternity house.

(73) A Hollywood movie exploring the insidious role of American consumer demand for illicit drugs from Mexico and the widespread drug-related violence occurring inside the foreign nation of Mexico. The movie might suggest that if America turned illicit-drug-free, all Mexicans would be encouraged to pursue honorable and law-abiding business enterprises.

(74) A Hollywood movie profiling a heroic vasectomy surgeon in Mexico who helps the people of Mexico to significantly reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies that they are fathering or having. That vasectomy surgeon also helps to control population growth in Mexico, excessive population growth in Mexico being one of the underlying causes behind attempted illegal emigration into the United States by many thousands of Mexican citizens each year.

(75) A Hollywood movie exhibiting the philosophical depth to explore the dearth of profoundly held secular values that are shared by nearly all American citizens of today. "We can't agree which cable television channel to turn to, much less what American society should be like in 50 years," as a character in that sociologically insightful movie might note.

(76) A Hollywood movie about a kind and conscientious and loving stepfather who is NOT abusive toward his adopted son or his adopted daughter.

(77) A Hollywood movie in which an American family living near the border with Canada finally goes on an extensive vacation trip to Canada and falls in love with Canada and the people of Canada.

(78) A Hollywood movie profiling a Roman Catholic priest in Mexico who during off-duty hours wears a "caped crusader" costume and courageously fights the illicit drug lords of Mexico. "He's Mexico's counterpart to Batman," as one observer in Mexico might comment admiringly.

(78)A Hollywood movie in which a young woman in her 20s who has been "held hostage" by and subjugated by an adult man several decades older than herself, manages to liberate herself from his repressively censorious and ruthlessly domineering involvement in her life.

(79) A Hollywood movie featuring an employee of a mass-transit system, such as a rail-transit system in an urban area, as the most heroic figure in that movie.

(80)A Hollywood movie in which an adult male person who chooses to undergo a sex-change operation, later concludes that that individual would have been happier had that human being remained a male adult person.

(81) A Hollywood movie in which a group of sexually charged young men and young women try an experiment in which they all agree to relate to one another in an exclusively platonic (non-sexual) manner for one entire calendar year. After the 12 months are over, all of the members of the group are very glad that they kept their relationships with one another strictly platonic throughout. "This means we can develop meaningful and lifelong platonic love relationships with one another that we otherwise would never have had," as one of the young men in that group comments with enthusiasm. "To think of all the lovely ladies from this group who would not be speaking with me today, if I had slept with them and our romantic involvement had soured. And when I do get married to some other woman in the future, I can always remind her that I have first-rate platonic credibility with several nice ladies from my own past. They are still personal friends of mine, and my wife will agree that I know how to keep everything strictly platonic whenever I get together with those lady friends of mine. We enjoy a friendly handshakes sort of intimacy with one another."

(82) A Hollywood movie in which a male editor for "Playboy" magazine discovers, much to his shock, that he covets mutual-consent personal platonic (non-sexual) relationships with many of the women whom he encounters in his personal life. This proves to be very awkward for that "Playboy" executive, since he finds that the joy of platonic love with those lady friends of his far exceeds the joy of orgasmic pleasures he has had from his sexual flings with ladies he's slept with in the past. He concludes, in fact, that his career with "Playboy" has been repressively censorious toward his own platonic-affection impulses toward women. To protect his job security at "Playboy," he decides to pretend to his "Playboy" coworkers that he is having romantic affairs with the ladies he's currently associating with during his leisuretime. But his efforts fail, as his colleagues at "Playboy" magazine soon discover that he is not, in fact, having sex with any of the beautiful ladies he is currently associating with during his leisuretime. Even though he gets called on the carpet by a work supervisor of his inside "Playboy" magazine headquarters offices, he ends up delivering a valiant defense of platonic love relationships---so much so that he's invited to write a column for "Playboy" about his surprisingly non-sexual encounters with women, as one of the "Playboy" executives refers to those involvements.

(83) A Hollywood movie profiles a future scenario in which the "Windy City," as Chicago is often called, emerges as the Wind Power Generating renewable energy Hub of the Midwest. And that wind-power diversification in the economy and landscape of Chicago, along with the fresh idealism spawned by the "Green Power" revolution in Chicago, helps to "blow away" previously-rampant political corruption in Chicago. The movie ends triumphantly with Mafia dons of Chicago packing their bags as they search for a new "hometown" for them that's more receptive to Mafia-style thuggery.

(84) A Hollywood movie profiles the life of the founder of a non-profit group, Prank-Free America, that is dedicated to helping to eliminate pranks and pranksterism from American life. The founder of this group, all too tragically, is subjected each and every day of his adult life to a barrage of pranks from those who defy his prank-free America goal. However, the movie ends triumphantly for this heroic figure as he thwarts a prankster in a very straightforward and impressive manner.

(85) A Hollywood movie explores the many challenges faced by an unemployed American citizen who finally, in the climactic moment in the movie, lands his first job offer in two years. It turns out, though, that the new job he's just begun is very different from what he was told it would be like during the job interview. So his challenge is how to hold onto the new job, even though he realizes at an early point that he is not a good match for that job.

(86)A Hollywood movie could profile a fashion designer who is eco-friendly, in that he insists that all of the items of apparel he designs must be all-cotton and all-natural in material. This fashion designer's choice is logical, but it seems that many in the fashion industry resist his eco-friendly style.

(87) A Hollywood movie could explore the life of a female nudist colony member who after visiting the Garment District of New York City develops a sudden passion to join the world of those who wear---and design---attractive clothes. In this variation upon the "Garden of Eden" theme, the female character leaves her nudist colony and lands a job designing clothing for ladies. It seems that she has taken a "bite out of the Big Apple," so to speak, and has eagerly joined the ranks of the fashionably attired New Yorkers. Her nudist colony past haunts her, though, when she is invited to attend an annual awards ceremony in her honor that would confer on her the
"Female Nudist of the Year" award. In her acceptance speech before her former nudist-colony neighbors, she confesses that she is undecided as to whether she should accept her award with or without her clothes on. "Having taken this admittedly delicious bite out of the Big Apple, I can identify with that dear Biblical Eve's plight," she announces in her acceptance speech. "These days, I feel some shame about the whole idea of nudity. It seems so very, very obscene, an X-ratedness that can't possibly be me anymore, I often to tell myself from the outdoor balcony of my penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park. Nudity, to a New Yorker, is something that occurs only when you're in the bathtub. So I tell myself these days. But I also feel some shame for having forsaken my Garden of Eden heritage. Possibly what I did, in accepting a job offer in New York City and joining the mainstream of society, was something downright evil, if I remember correctly from what the Bible said about Eve's taking a bite out of the Big Apple."

(88) A Hollywood movie in which a clever scientist breeds a new type of insect that exclusively preys on marijuana plants. This insect is then purchased in large quantities by the federal government, and is used as a weapon in the federal campaign to eliminate marijuana from American life. There is every hope, too, that with permission from the Mexican government, this new marijuana-eating insect can be introduced into Mexico. There, the new insect is expected to destroy the entire marijuana crop in that foreign nation within a matter of months. An unexpected twist to the plot occurs, though, when it's discovered that the marijuana-eating insect also devours vanilla beans, and threatens to destroy the entire vanilla-bean-growing industry in Mexico. Are the people of Mexico willing to give up vanilla beans in exchange for complete annihilation of their marijuana plants?

(89) A male adult character in a movie making the following statement: "I prefer to associate with polite and attractive and hygenic non-smoking, masculine, politely aggressive, cleancut gentlemen who keep their hands to themselves, and who only rarely talk with me about sex and sexuality topics. This is one of the reasons why I consider myself to be heterophiliacal in my platonic social life. I favor a much higher percentage of the heterosexual adult men as prospective and actual friends for myself."

(90) The following line from one gentleman to another in a Hollywood movie: "It ISN'T a HATE CRIME to YOURSELF prefer the company of a higher percentage of all heterosexual men than of all the other male adult subpopulations."

(91) The following line from one gentleman to another in a Hollywood movie: "I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to hear your very fine voice modulation that shows no hint of your pleasant-sounding voice being strained or tobacco-scarred in any way. I've just escaped from San Francisco, where all of the men there have high-pitched voices, speak in monotone, or have voices that betray their identity as smokers! It was a nightmare for me when I lived in that city!"

(92) A Hollywood movie profiling a kind and people-friendly college football coach with a great winning tradition who leads the cause to help significantly reduce the injury rate for all varsity college football players.

(93) The following line from a character in a Hollywood movie: "I take pride in the fact that NONE of my own personal friends of today do any marijuana or any other illicit drug."

(94) The following line from a female character in a Hollywood movie: "A true gentleman respects the privacy rights of others."

(95) A Hollywood movie or television series profiling an environmentally-friendly or eco-friendly American family that comprehensively practices natural-resource recycling, minimizes consumption of fossil fuels, and goes on eco-friendly vacations.

(96) A Hollywood movie in which an actor portraying a male adult private citizen contacts a municipal police department to report criminal-law evidence of alleged illicit drug consumption that he has directly observed that same day or week in that city.

(97) A Hollywood movie in which an illicit-drug dealer voluntarily and on his own initiative contacts a law-enforcement agency to confess everything he knows about his nefariously destructive and law-breaking lifestyle, and to serve as an informant about other drug dealers and about drug addicts who are illicit clients of himself and other illicit drug dealers.

(98) A Hollywood movie featuring a character who openly declares that he is not pleased with the vast majority of all Hollywood movies.

(99) A Hollywood fictional movie in which an American character in that movie is presented with an award as part of that movie in which he is honored for helping to deter and prevent urban sprawl in the United States.

(100) A Hollywood fictional movie in which none of the characters in that movie ever once state that they seek to harm anyone or they seek to "kill" or "murder" anyone, or they seek to injure anyone or subject anyone to any disease or illness.

(101) A Hollywood fictional or semi-fictional movie in which the conduct by the characters in that movie do NOT reveal any of the following primary motives: greed; gluttony; a craving for power; a craving for materialistic pleasures; a craving for sex; a craving for sex with a wide variety of sex partners; a desire for a sexual involvement with another person that would comprise a violation of the law; a craving for revenge against someone; a desire to harm or allegedly murder another person; a craving for violence against one or more other persons; or a desire to deprive another person of his Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, privacy rights, or Freedom of Association legal and Constitutional rights.

(102) A Hollywood fictional movie for adult audiences in which NONE of the chracters in that movie ever once verbalizes the goal of seeking to break the law at any point in that movie, and NONE of the characters in that movie ever is observed breaking the law at any point in that movie.

(103) A Hollywood movie in which NONE of the characters in that movie is depicted as being snobbish or disdainful or rude toward individuals whom they regard as having lower socioeconomic status than themselves.

(104) A Hollywood movie in which the most heroic and benevolent figure in that entire movie is himself employed in the field of mass transportation.

(105) A Hollywood movie that describes in detail why the Northern region of the United States and the southern region of the United States have a basis for friendship, mutual admiration, and greater intercultural exchange.

(106) A Hollywood movie that describes the South region of the United States as being "ahead" of the North, or more advanced and more sophisticated and more enlightened and intellectually successful than the West region of the United States, for that matter, in some noteworthy context.

(107) A Hollywood movie in which NO male character is depicted as being a bully toward another person at any point in that movie.

(108)A Hollywood fictional movie in which the majority of the adult male characters are depicted as being kinder and more empathetic and more polite and more generous than the majority of the female adult characters in that movie.

(109) A Hollywood movie in which none of the leading characters in that movie could be accurately described as "flippant" or "sarcastic."

(110) A Hollywood fictional movie depicting American society at some future date that features a nationwide consensus throughout the entire United States of America about the desirability of comprehensive nationwide conversion to the metric system.

(111) A Hollywood fictional movie in which American society at some future date in the 21st Century has achieved a nationwide consensus on the desirability of a comprehensive nationwide prohibition on the production, sale, and consumption of drinking alcohol.

(112) A Hollywood movie in which NONE of the adult male characters and NONE of the adult female characters ever once shouts with dramatic rage in his or her voice.

(113) A Hollywood movie in which an HIV-positive self-identified homosexual or self-identified "gay" male adult person makes a late-night phone call to a law-enforcement agency and confesses, "I've just committed the terrible and unconscionable felony crime of infecting another human being with the HIV virus. That victim of the deplorable crime I recently committed against himself was at least the 50th person I've infected with the HIV virus, though the actual figure is probably closer to 200 persons I've victimized that way. I've attended lots of gay sex orgies after the period when I turned HIV positive, and that's why I think the actual figure is closer to 200 victims of this horrifying crime of HIV infection of another human being that I've myself been guilty of."

(114) A Hollywood movie in which one character says to another, "Your heterophobia, accompanied by your very unpleasant and irrational antipathy toward all heterosexual persons, is very offensive to me."

(115) A Hollywood movie in which one character says to another, "I can fully understand why you prefer heterosexual men as personal friends for yourself. Heterosexual men are generally much friendlier and much more wholesome and more law-abiding and more gentlemanly, and generally more masculine, too, than homosexual male adult persons and gay male adult persons and bisexual male adult persons are."

(116) A Hollywood movie set in 21st Century United States in which all of the major characters come across as being very fine and benevolent gentlemen and very fine and benevolent ladies.

(117) A Hollywood movie featuring very convincing and heartfelt brotherly love, or strictly-platonic love, between two adult men of 21st Century United States who are each civilians at the time.

(118) A Hollywood movie about a very honorable former law-enforcement officer who's been elected to the United States Congress, and who devotes several hours of each of his workweeks to diligently documenting for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Congress criminal-law evidence he's obtained that implicates other federal officials, including other members of the U.S. Congress, in a wide array of allegedly illegal activities.

(119) A Hollywood movie in which the President of the United States is consistently very honorable and law-abiding and is consistently faithful to his wife, but the President's wife, the First Lady, repeatedly shocks the American people with sex scandal after sex scandal involving herself in a variety of extramarital sexual flings during a period of her life in which she's officially residing in the White House.

(120) A Hollywood movie in which several officials of the United States Government, including officials at the Central Intelligence Agency, secretly plot to "kill off" or attempt to murder a law-abiding and very honorable American citizen whose own political and religious beliefs, and whose personal beliefs, happen to differ significantly from those of 99 to 100 percent of all American citizens of that time period. The cited "victim" of this U.S. Government-sponsored murder plot is himself NOT a spy for any foreign government, and he does not advocate any violent conduct by anyone.
The U.S. Government-backed murder plot within this country remains top-secret for many years, but finally gets exposed by an enterprising investigative reporter for the "Washington Post." The resulting "Washington Post" series of articles about the cited murder plot within this country stuns the entire world, and prompts sharp criticism from leaders of many foreign nations. Those foreign leaders compare the multi-decade secret murder plot by officials of the U.S. Government to the tactics of Imperial Japan, Stalinist Russia, and Nazi Germany. "I am outraged that the U.S. Government would attempt to put a law-abiding dissident of 21st Century American political and economic policies on a Bataan Death March inside the country in which he lives!", as the prime minister of Great Britain (or possibly the President of Ireland) might declare in an official statement of protest that he sends to the U.S. Government's State Department in Washington, D.C.

(121) A Hollywood movie in which a law-abiding and good-looking and disease-free and psychologically healthy single adult American citizen who is NOT himself a clergyman with a vow of celibacy, is himself subjected against his wishes to multi-year sexual abstinence or multi-year celibacy featuring no romantic dating and no carnal relations or sex life of any type.

(122) A Hollywood movie in which a law-abiding single adult person is informed by a government agency or government-owned institution in the United States that he is himself required to have carnal (sexual) relations with or reside with whichever person (an alleged stalker or very undesirable or very offensive or significantly unattractive or diseased person or a hermit, for instance) is the most insistent on dating or rooming with himself or herself, regardless of whether the single adult individual being subjected to that "requirement" by a government institution is very emphatically opposed to ever at any time "dating" or "rooming with" or "living with" (or associating with, for that matter) or having any relationship of any type with the stalker seeking to "compel" a "relationship" with the other person.

(123) A Hollywood movie in which a law-abiding and honest American citizen with no criminal-conviction record, someone who has never once in his entire life lain a hand on anyone with impropriety or incivility, somehow gets branded as either a "sex criminal" or a "prospective sex criminal," and on either basis is treated like a societal pariah throughout all of American society.

(124) A Hollywood movie in which all of American society is governed by the Mensa Society. In that movie, the majority of members of that non-profit organization exclusively serving "geniuses" have voted to attempt to "purge American society of a cited individual (a specific name of a single adult American citizen being mentioned) whose political and religious beliefs and personal beliefs and philosophical beliefs are unacceptable to the majority of all Mensa Society members."

(125) A Hollywood movie in which all of American society somehow attempts to defy the legal and Constitutional right of a law-abiding single adult American citizen to remain single the rest of his life, if he so chooses, and to remain completely celibate the rest of his life, if he so decides, and to live alone, if he so decides.

(126) A Hollywood movie in which a law-abiding American citizen is informed by the U.S. Government that he is himself legally required to work for only one total employer throughout this entire life, and that all of his work supervisors and coworkers and each of the leading officials of his employer must always be persons whom he has already chosen to exclude from his own life, or who have already expressed a significant amount of antipathy and hostility toward himself and his various beliefs, or who otherwise exhibit a significant amount of conflict of interest in their own involvement in his own life. This type of Hollywood movie is vetoed by Hollywood executives because they regard it as too unflattering to the U.S. Government and American society, and because it might imply that the U.S. is a repressively communist and repressively totalitarian nation and reprehensible dictatorship.

(127) A Hollywood movie in which a male adult American citizen whose political and religious beliefs offend many, is himself somehow required by the U.S. Government to only himself associate with persons who are each very critical of himself, with any person who is significantly appreciative of himself and friendly toward himself being barred by the U.S. Government from ever associating with himself at any time.

(128) A Hollywood movie in which the U.S. Government secretly decides to "banish" a law-abiding single adult male current citizen of the United States to a foreign nation, even though any such banishment attempt is flagrantly illegal and obviously very unConstitutional as well. In that Hollywood movie, the U.S. Government seeks to banish the cited American citizen by subjecting him to "punishment" in the form of an endless barrage of noise pollution inflicted on him at all times of the day over a multi-decade period of his own life. That federally-authorized and federally financed noise pollution project was specifically designed to compel the cited pariah to himself contact an embassy of a foreign government and then beg for political and religious asylum in that foreign nation. The biggest mystery in this movie, then, lies in the cited victim of the noise pollution attempting to decide for himself, with help from factual research he pursues, which privacy-respectful and humane foreign nation would be the most receptive to his seeking asylum in that foreign nation. Would that foreign nation be Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, Ireland, Luxembourg, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Austria, Japan, Iceland, Costa Rica, The Netherlands, Argentina, or some other foreign nation?

(129) A Hollywood movie in which an honest and law-abiding American citizen who has been identified as "prejudiced" in some cited context is subjected by court order to a public stoning, that type of cited "punishment" of the cited American citizen reportedly being too problematic for Hollywood executives since it would beg the question of why all or virtually all other Americans aren't ALSO themselves being subjected on an individual basis to the very same court-ordered punishment of themselves, since all or virtually all American citizens do, in fact, guide themselves in their lives partly by their own individual personal prejudices, as a Hollywood attorney may have noted in a top-secret Hollywood memo. The proposed Hollywood movie might also be vetoed by Hollywood because Hollywood attorneys maintain that no counterpart to court-ordered public stoning of a law-abiding citedly "prejudiced" American citizen has ever occurred at any time in 21st Century American history.

(130) A Hollywood movie in which a law-abiding American citizen who is himself significantly repulsed by male adult effeminacy and by high-pitched male voices and by facial hair (mustaches, beards, goatees) on human beings, is himself subjected to decades of incessant and non-stop verbal harassment and non-stop public slandering of himself as cited "punishment" of himself for those very strongly held and very permanent and lifelong aversions of his. This movie idea was allegedly vetoed by Hollywood executives because it might present an unflattering view of the gay-transsexual-bisexual-lesbian community as being "excessively vindictive and retaliatory against law-abiding adult persons who are very uncomfortable with that community," as one Hollywood producer might note in a secret Hollywood memo on that subject.

(131) A Hollywood movie in which a a civil and law-abiding and honest and fully ambulatory HIV-negative single adult male American citizen and gentleman is himself held hostage against his wishes for decades by HIV-positive militants operating inside the United States. This Hollywood movie idea was allegedly vetoed by Hollywood executives because they concluded that "it might present the gay community in an unflattering light, and it might also imply that any gay persons would ever at any time violate the law in any context, when any such public image for the gay community would be completely unacceptable to the Powers That Be in Hollywood."

(132) A Hollywood movie in which an American President in the White House in Washington, D.C., pledges to donate a nickel toward a nationwide clean-language education fund on each and every occasion in which the President either writes a profane word in a letter or memo or written communication with another person, or in which he verbalizes a profane word in any conversation he ever has with another person. Hollywood allegedly vetoed this theme for a Hollywood movie since it was determined by Hollywood attorneys that no U.S. President ever earns enough money to be able to afford to donate a nickel to a clean-language education fund every time that he utters or writes a foul word in a communication with another person.

(133) A Hollywood movie in which a law-abiding opponent of sex-change operations cites numerous reasons for his legal and political position while launching a nationwide crusade on behalf of his point of view. This Hollywood movie idea was vetoed by Hollywood executives because "it might offend the transsexual-gay-lesbian community," as one Hollywood executive might put it in a top-secret memo.

(134) A Hollywood movie in which a group of female Americans is permitted by the U.S. Government to hold a law-abiding single adult gentleman hostage and to repeatedly punish him because his own political and religious beliefs and impressions and opinions as a human being are comprehensively very incompatible with those of the female American hostage-takers. Hollywood attorneys reportedly vetoed that movie idea because any such hostage-taking attempt would be in flagrant violation of the Bill of Rights of the single adult gentleman being held hostage in that manner.

(135) A Hollywood movie in which a very influential and powerful American citizen, such as a very wealthy plutocrat, is permitted by the U.S. Government and by the State Government of Texas to kidnap and hold hostage a law-abiding American citizen who is himself or herself opposed to any such scenario. Hollywood attorneys reportedly vetoed that movie idea because it might raise questions about whether Hollywood values the civil rights and legal and Constitutional rights of American citizens who are NOT wealthy and powerful.

(136) A Hollywood movie in which a law-abiding single adult American citizen residing in the U.S. state of Texas is repeatedly warned by others that he cannot enjoy his full range of American Constitutional and legal rights unless he moves from the state of Texas to another U.S. state. That Hollywood movie idea was reportedly vetoed by Hollywood executives because "it might imply that the U.S. of today is a repressive and quasi-communist country that expresses outrageous contempt for the freedom of choice of individual American citizens. Also, a movie of this type might imply that Texas is not part of the United States, when it's obvious that the U.S. Constitution and American legal system would fully protect that Texan gentleman against any such outrageous violations of his own Constitutional rights that might ever occur inside Texas."

(137) A Hollywood movie in which a group of militant gays, effeminate male adult persons, lesbians, transvestites, transsexuals, bisexuals, and their so-called "gay rights supporters" are permitted by the U.S. Government to hold hostage a law-abiding and honorable single adult gentleman and law-abiding critic of their subcultures. The militants are also permitted by the U.S. Government to subject their chosen "victim" to continuous year-round noise pollution against his wishes that is designed to make him "go deaf" over the course of a multi-decade period of those militants' holding him hostage. The gay militants maintain that if they make the cited victim "go deaf," this is their way of punishing him on their own for being "deaf to their own beliefs and grievances as gays, lesbians, transsexuals, etc." Hollywood executives rejected that Hollywood story idea, since "we've already done vigilanteism in previous movies about lynchings in the South, and vigilante action of that type is flagrantly illegal in the world of today. Furthermore, it's not popular for Hollywood to ever depict gays and lesbians and transsexuals doing anything illegal or injurious to anyone. Gays, lesbians, and transsexuals are all sacred cows to Hollywood executives of today."

(138) A Hollywood movie in which a handsome, non-handicapped, medically healthy, disease-free, facially cleanshaven, single man is held hostage by ugly-rights activists for decades as those militants repeatedly and incessantly torture and torment and verbally abuse himself and inflict significant loss of sleep on himself as well as financial deprivation on himself. "Our hope as ugly-rights activists operating in Texas is that if we can significantly damage the medical and emotional health and physical appearance of our chosen victim, he will eventually lower his standards and acquiesce to our demands that he live with one of our prematurely-aged and repulsive ugly-rights activists who are, in fact, wince-inducing to himself. He will turn into a defacto prisoner of our ugly-rights community, even though he himself was a beautiful human being before we began verbally whipping and verbally beating him for decades of abuse of himself that were all permitted by the State Government of Texas and the U.S. Government."
That Hollywood movie idea was reportedly vetoed by a Hollywood executive because "American society traditionally reveres the legal right of a handsome, medically healthy, disease-free, fully ambulatory gentleman to date and have carnal relations with and to live with someone as good-looking and medically healthy and disease-free and fully ambulatory as himself. It would be difficult to convince movie-goers in the U.S. that ANY U.S. state ---not even Texas -- would permit this type of hideous and very sinister abuse of a handsome single adult gentleman with a pleasant personality as well."

(139) A Hollywood movie in which a law-abiding and honest American citizen with no criminal-conviction record, and who was never himself previously addicted to alcohol or tobacco products or any illicit drug, and who is himself a 20-year or lifelong or 26-year abstainer from alcohol, tobacco products, and illicit drugs, respectively, is himself denied by the U.S. Government his legal and Constitutional right to himself associate freely in all aspects of his life, including professionally and religiously and in his personal life, with hundreds of persons who are each permanently illicit-drug-free, alcohol-free, and tobacco-free, and who each have no prior history of addiction to any of those vile substances. That Hollywood movie idea might be vetoed by Hollywood executives because "any such restriction on his own right to set his own course in his own life and decide for himself who he agrees to associate with, would flagrantly violate the Freedom of Association and Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech clauses of the U.S. Constitution."

(140) A Hollywood movie in which an honest and teetotaling and law-abiding and very civil and non-violent and wholesome single adult gentleman who is himself accused by many others in his urban area of allegedly being a "queer basher," responds in a law-abiding and civil manner by himself filing a very successful $5 million lawsuit in a court of law against cited gay and lesbian and transsexual and bisexual political activists, against one or more cited gay media companies, against one or more cited gay attorneys, and against cited gay civic groups or gay religious groups as well, that according to the plaintiff allegedly violated the plaintiff's legal rights in a pervasive and very injurious manner ---- by slandering him, by defaming his own character, by subjecting him to character assassination, by libeling him, and by violating his own privacy rights, according to the successful legal complaint that he files in a court of law.

(141) A Hollywood movie in which a very sinister villain seeks to murder a law-abiding adult person by subjecting the intended victim to nonstop and continuous noise pollution against the victim's wishes on a 24-hour-a-day basis that extends over a multi-day, multi-month, multi-year, and multi-decade period, with the villain in that Hollywood movie bribing all law-enforcement agencies into ignoring the victim's many legal complaints about that injurious noise pollution. The villain openly boasts to the news media in Austin, Texas, that "sooner or later, the victim will have a fatal accident while being subjected to continuous and year-round noise pollution I've inflicted on the victim during a period in which law-enforcement agencies have all agreed to ignore the noise pollution!" This Hollywood movie idea might be vetoed by a Hollywood attorney because "it sounds far too cruel and too dastardly to be believable---something out of Nazi Germany, or something even worse than the notorious Bataan Death March that Imperial Japan in a very ruthless and hideously sadistic manner sponsored during World War II!"
(142) A Hollywood movie in which a leading character in that fictional or semi-fictional movie who has himself taken a public stand that significantly opposes the so-called "gay community" or the so-called "gay rights movement" in some cited context, is himself depicted in that Hollywood movie as being benevolent and kind and conscientious and honest and wise and very honorable and law-abiding.

(143) A Hollywood movie in which a leading character in that fictional movie is depicted as being someone who is subjected to fraudulent or dishonest "informational services" and fraudulent or dishonest "news services" throughout every day of his life over a multi-decade period of his own life. A Hollywood attorney would object to any such movie ever being produced, "since it might suggest to the entire world that American society does not, in fact, offer the full and readily-obtainable access to reliable news and factual information services on a year-round and lifelong basis that American political leaders have traditionally cited as one of the greatest certainties about life inside the United States. A movie of this type would be very unflattering to the United States, and should be censored for that reason as well."

(144) A Hollywood movie in which an HIV-virus positive American repeatedly expresses remorse and deep regret and sympathy toward numerous other persons after learning that he has infected each of those persons with the HIV virus. This type of Hollywood movie might be vetoed "because it is politically incorrect in Hollywood, as all Hollywood executives would agree, to ever blame an AIDS victim for having victimized other human beings with that dreaded and fatal disease."

(145) A Hollywood movie in which NONE of the characters in that movie are depicted as being crassly materialistic. A movie devoid of crass materialistic American characters would deny Hollywood executives the opportunity to showcase the various modern products for the affluent, including latest-model automobiles, that Hollywood movies routinely suggest to be essential elements of the "American Dream." A Hollywood movie WITHOUT ANY crassly materialistic characters leading a life of opulence would also squander the opportunity for Hollywood executives to elicit intense envy and trigger an inferiority complex in as many American movie-goers as possible. "Without triggering an inferiority complex in our fans, Hollywood would lose much of its clout in American society," as a Hollywood executive might confess in his private diary. "We couldn't possibly intimidate consumers into buying our product, so to speak, if they regarded their own lives as adequate or fulfilling."

(146) A Hollywood movie in which a sinister and very cruel HIV-positive American male adult person turns into a serial killer by deliberately and cold-bloodedly infecting a series of innocent HIV-negative Americans----each of whom he has specifically targeted in advance to be victims of rape by himself not involving use of a condom or contraceptive. This Hollywood movie idea was reportedly vetoed by Hollywood attorneys because "it might present the gay community and the HIV-positive community in an unflattering light, and is therefore politically unacceptable to Hollywood."

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