Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Questions to Pose to Friends or Relatives of Yours To Get to Know Them Better This Holiday Season

Among the questions that you might want to pose to friends or relatives of yours during your in-person meetings with them this Holiday Season---questions that will help you to glean fresh insight into your relatives and friends, and into your own life as well----are:

(1) Which famous persons do you admire the most?

(2) What was your own all-time favorite movie or all-time favorite book that you have read?

(3) What was the single most important decision you ever made, or the biggest turning point, in your own life so far?

(4) Of your various hobbies or pastimes, which hobby or pastime has given you the most creative fulfillment or lifelong-education enrichment and pleasure in your own life?

(4a) Is there any hobby or pastime from your past that you later dropped, but that you wish today that you had continued to pursue? Did you enjoy raising Bobwhite Quail, for instance, during your childhood, and you wish today that you could raise Bobwhite Quail again, even if that would involve purchasing a home for yourself in order to then have a backyard where you could build a very tall and massive Bobwhite Quail cage that would give those beautiful and wonderfully energetic Bobwhite Quail enough room for sandbathing and flying and other adventures.

(5) Who was the most honest and law-abiding person you ever met? Are you currently a personal friend of that individual?

(6) Of the various human beings whom you have actually met in person and spoken with in person, which individual do you currently admire the most?

(7) Are there any persons from your own past whom you might have been compatible with as strictly-platonic lasting personal friends, but who did not end up as lasting friends or lasting acquaintances of yours?

(8) Of all the human beings you've met who are not themselves a current personal friend of yours, which individual would you most like to become a mutual-consent friend of?

(9) Of all the places you have visited in your life, which city or town or county or region did you like the most?

(8) Imagine a scenario in which you could afford to hire a law-abiding and honorable private detective to help you obtain the current mailing address or phone number or E-mail address for someone from your past whom you particularly liked or loved or admired and also had a harmonious involvement with. In that scenario, which individual would you seek to contact with help from that private detective?

(9) Of the various decisions or choices you have made for yourself in your life so far, which decision or decisions or choices do you now believe were the biggest mistakes you yourself made in your own life?

(10) If you were Jesus Christ, who would you regard as the Judas from your own life who's the most likely to betray you?

(11) If you were Julius Caesar, who would be the Brutus from your own life whom you believe is most likely to stab you in the back?

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