Friday, November 26, 2010

The Illicit Drug Story You Never Hear about from the Austin News Media

Which Mayor of Austin, Texas, of the last 20-year period has contributed the most during his tenure in that municipal-government elective office toward helping to reduce the illicit-drug addiction rate among all residents of Austin, Texas?

If you were to pose that simple question to all residents of Austin, Texas, in a written survey, you'd receive a lot more question marks in response than actual names of actual mayors of this capital of Texas city.

"Your question is baffling to the point of bewildering. I don't recall the local news media ever publicizing that type of information," as one local Austin resident might have stated in his written response to that survey question. "I don't get the impression that our city's mayor is expected to do anything to help deter illicit-drug activities in this city."

Another respondent to the survey might object in writing to the premise that ANY Mayor of Austin would ever be opposed to illicit drug activities in our capital city along the Colorado River.

"Why are you making the assumption that our mayor is opposed to illicit drugs, when during his leisuretime he may well be among the many thousands of marijuana worshipers of this capital city," as one survey respondent might note here in Austin, Texas.

"Marijuana is like a religion here," that survey respondent might have continued. "It would be sacrilegious in Austin for our mayor to ever publicly speak out against marijuana. 'Pot' is so popular here that I expect our City Council will soon be voting to designate one day of each year as 'Capital City Marijuana Appreciation Day'."

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