Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Questions that Could Stump Congressmen and U.S. Senators

Among the questions I would like to see being politely posed to United States Congressmen and United States Senators are the following:

---Shouldn't unemployed people in the United States be given employment opportunities involving the clean-up of the hundreds of heavily-polluted lakes and rivers in this country?

---What would you tell the children of the United States of today who point out to you that they have observed that many of the manufactured materials in this country that could be recycled are, instead, merely being tossed into the trash can?

---What would you tell the children of this country who say they feel betrayed by adult Americans who squander natural resources and recyclable items that American children in future decades of their lives could themselves have made use of?

---Could you estimate for me the percentage of your constituents who are currently addicted to marijuana or some other illicit drug?

---As a member of the U.S. Congress, do you feel honorbound to yourself establish a public-policy-minded dialogue with constituents of yours who are currently addicted to marijuana or some other illicit drug? What insights have you gleaned from any such dialogues you have pursued on behalf of the U.S. Congress?

---Have you recently arranged for a special ceremony to publicly honor the most outstanding of the law-abiding and privacy-respectful drug-treatment counselors and alcohol-treatment counselors who reside in your district or state?

---Do you believe the federal government should order the permanent closing of any house of worship or religious organization in the United States that at any time in the 21st Century has served as a spawning ground for violent acts of terrorism directly victimizing American citizens?

---Do you believe the Freedom of Religion clause of the Bill of Rights should be revised to clarify the point that any religious group that directly sponsors or serves as a spawning ground for violent acts of terrorism against American citizens can and should be permanently closed down by government order.

---Do you believe you have a moral obligation as a duly elected member of the U.S. Congress to urge each of your constituents to help combat terrorism in the Middle East by choosing to themselves never purchase or consume any illicit drug. I raise this question because it's my understanding that the purchase of illicit drugs and addiction to illicit drugs by millions of Americans of today is directly and indirectly financing acts of violence by Arab terrorists.

---In your role as an honorable member of the U.S. Congress, are you completely sure that neither Russia nor China has secretly financed or aided and abetted ANY of the acts of violence by Arab terrorists in the Middle East? Do you believe that the U.S. Congress has obtained enough information to determine for certain whether any such possible surreptitious or complicitous role by Russia or China toward Arab terrorism has existed in the Middle East.

---Do you believe that you as a member of the United States Congress have a moral obligation to routinely and automatically and discreetly turn over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation noteworthy legal evidence you are privy to which indicates that a congressional colleague of yours may have allegedly violated the law and has possibly committed an alleged felony crime in the process.

---Would you like to see the United States Department of Agriculture offer special incentive grants aimed at promoting establishment or expansion of an avocado-farming industry in a variety of U.S. states, including in California and Texas. I raise this question partly because the avocado, as you must be very aware, has been classified by many as a "miracle food" that's very good for the health of those human beings who eat avocados.

---Do you see a need for additional government-sponsored research on the social psychology of terrorism? For instance, do you subscribe to the view that violent terrorists in the Middle East and elsewhere are human beings who turned violent after they perceived that they themselves had been terrorized by others?

---Do you believe the federal government should do anything to help reduce the total number of tattoo parlors in the United States?

---Do you believe that law-abiding and peace-loving Arab-Americans have been adequately consulted by the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Government as our nation attempts to find solutions to the Arab-terrorism crisis besetting our nation and world.

--Do you believe that the Congressional office in charge of budgetary analysis should publicize to our entire nation a special E-mail address or post-office-box address to which Americans throughout this country could be invited to submit any and all ideas they'd like to share on how the U.S. Congress could significantly reduce the current budgetary deficit?

---Do you support the establishment of a proposed new Congressional Subcommittee on Unemployment and Underemployment that invites numerous experts on unemployment and many unemployed persons to give testimony at public hearings to be held by that subcommittee in Washington, D.C.

--Have you yourself totaled up all the total combined number of years in which the United States Armed Forces have been actively involved in military interventions or engaged in military conflicts in foreign nations during the entire multi-decade period since the conclusion of World War II? Have you compared that total number of years with the total combined number of years in which the United States Armed Forces have NOT been involved in military interventions or engaged in military conflicts in foreign nations.

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