Monday, January 24, 2011

Letter to Editor from Myself that was Banned by 'Austin American-Statesman' and Cox Enterprises Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia

The "Austin American-Statesman" --- a daily newspaper owned and operated by the Atlanta, Georgia-based Cox Enterprises Inc. --- in a recent prior year flatly refused to publish the following "Letter to the Editor" from myself that I wrote and E-mailed to that general-circulation daily newspaper in Austin, Texas, on November 23, 2006:

"As a subscriber to the 'Austin American-Statesman', I would like to thank your daily newspaper for providing me with some invaluable information this month.

"In exchange for the $22 I paid your newspaper in advance to publish my 'special notices' announcement Nov. 16-22 that invited all members of the anti-drug community to contact me, I received zero phone calls.

"I am now zero percent sure that the people of Austin are concerned about illicit drugs in our capital city of Texas.


"John Kevin McMillan.
"Austin, Texas."

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