Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Search for a Legal-Status Adult Gentleman Roommate in Austin, Texas

I have been searching for many months, including through a variety of Craigslist listings I've posted, for a non-smoking male adult roommate for myself in Austin, Texas.

The failure of my search so far for a roommate here in Austin has surprised me, since the traits I am seeking in a roommate strike me as being very minimal and very reasonable:

---A gentleman who is age 18 or older. Eighteen years of age is the minimum age at which anyone can legally room with me inside the very nice and modern apartment complex where I live.

---A gentleman who is himself a nonsmoker.

---A gentleman who does not consume ANY marijuana, ANY marijuana brownies, or any other illicit drugs.

---A gentleman who is polite and considerate and hygienic.

---A responsible gentleman who could himself pass a criminal-background check that's conducted by the first-rate management team at my very nice apartment complex in northwest Austin.

---A gentleman who is not currently on probation for any criminal conviction he has had.

I have emphasized in my posted announcements on the Internet that the gentleman who ends up rooming with me inside my four-room apartment unit (including one total bedroom---a relatively large bedroom, I might add) could cut his monthly living expenses in half that way. I would pay for all utilities, including for cable-television and high-speed Internet service that I'd give my roommate access to. Also, the total share of the rent I am seeking from my roommate would be very minimal (only $300 per month).

I remain hopeful that my search for a roommate will be successful in the very near future.

Among the traits I offer that make me a very good roommate for a gentleman age 18 or older are:

(1) I am dependably friendly and polite.

(2) I am dependably civil, tactfully honest, and law-abiding, and I have no criminal-conviction record.

(3) I am people-friendly and kind, and I'm a former official "Big Brother" and unofficial "Big Brother."

(4) I lead a very quiet and wholesome lifestyle.

(5) I never have any overnight guests inside my apartment unit, and I almost never have any guests or visitors inside my apartment unit.

(6) I can communicate orally in English or Spanish, and, to a lesser extent, in French.

(7) My hobbies and pastimes include tennis, racquetball, roller skating, cooking, creative writing, and public-policy brainstorming.

(An example of my enjoyment of public-policy-brainstorming: This week during my leisuretime, I plan to write to the Texas Department of Agriculture state agency and ask that government agency which steps it has taken to foster the development of commercial avocado farming in Texas.

I plan to write that letter because it's obvious that American society is relying excessively on importation of avocados from Latin American nations. I would like to see a lot more avocados being produced inside the United States.

Texans probably eat more guacamole salad per capita than the residents of any other U.S. state, with the possible exception of California. It would be very logical, then, for Texas to be among the leading U.S. states for commercial avocado farming.

Avocados are so popular in Texas that I myself feel that Guacamole Salad should be designated as the "Official State Salad of Texas", if the Texas Legislature in Austin officially approves that lofty status for Guacamole Salad during the current session of the Legislature.)


On behalf of my search for a roommate in Austin, I have a very favorable signed letter of personal recommendation on my behalf that was written by a gentlemanly adult male visitor from Italy who roomed with me for a total of about eight months in 2000. That letter of recommendation, dated July 5, 2000, stated as follows:


"This letter is addressed to John K. McMillan's prospective roommates and is based upon my experience of sharing with him the efficiency apartment 101 at 2518 Leon Street, January to July 2000.

"Despite the space constraints, John made my rooming with him amazingly easy thanks to his limitless flexibility. He never stood back from meeting my exigencies and strived hard to create the most comfortable situation for me; among other numerous examples, he generously chose to shake down on the futon he bought himself at his own expense and let me have the bed throughout our cohabitation.

"He has a laid-back, thoughtful and soothing personality; he is ceaselessly polite and leads an unblemished alcohol-free, tobacco-free, illicit-drug-free lifestyle: he is so conscientious as to fully honour any verbalized rejections of himself (by anyone). He is an impressive conversationalist, as well, and his outlooks are accurately thought out, intellectually subtle and anything but mainstream....

"(H)e has been consistently respectful and considerate of my own privacy rights....Furthermore, he has shown no domineering attitude whatsoever, on account of his seniority or of his being the only acknowledged leasee.

"He was out on duty most of the day, because of his unconditional commitment to work, engaging him early in the morning, Monday to Sunday. On many occasions he treated me to dinner and was open to provisionally putting up some guests of mine in our apartment, too.

"I can't help but recommend as roommate such a versatile individual.

"Sincerely Yours,..."

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