Sunday, April 4, 2010

Need for American Recyclable Products Inventory Website

Efforts at significantly increasing the total amount of recycling occurring in the United States will be significantly boosted if a non-profit organization establishes an authoritative "recyclable-products nationwide inventory" website.

I am referring to a website on the Internet that lists thousands of products or packages being used by American consumers after they purchased products in retail stores or from retail businesses, such as pizza-delivery chain restaurants, somewhere in the United States.

For each of the cited products, the proposed new online website would state whether that product or package or container or bag or sack can be recycled, and if so, what the specific cited recyclable material or materials of that consumer good are.

The proposed new website might answer questions such as:

---Can staples be recycled, and if so, into which category of recyclables bin would I place discarded staples that I wish to have recycled?

---Can a used tin of breath mints manufactured by a cited company be recycled, and if so, into which type of recycling bin should I place that tin of breath mints after I have finished using that container.

---Can a specified bag of potato chips manufactured by a certain company---Frito-Lay Inc. of Plano, Texas, for instance----be recycled? If so, which type of material used for producing that bag would I seek to recycle? Would that material be aluminum or plastic or some other material that I'd seek to recycle?

---Can a styrofoam cup provided to me by a cited convenience store be recycled? If so, after using that cup would I seek to it into a styrofoam-recyclables bin?

I also like the idea of being able to simply state my own residential zip code----78759----at a data-base website in order to myself then immediately learn from that same computer website online data base the closest locations for public recyclables bins in each category (plastics, mixed paper products, glass, aluminum, styrofoam, if applicable, etc.) where members of the general public can dispose of those items on a year-round basis in an environmentally-conscientious manner.

That type of computerized data base on the Internet would help to save recyclable materials as well as fossil fuels. I mention the latter benefit because Americans would be provided with factual information on how to drive or walk as short a distance as possible in order to properly dispose of recyclable products they have used.

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